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I saw this product, Living Proof Straight, in a magazine and I’ve been curious about it ever since. The product, a weightless, anti-build up spray, claims to straighten hair, and keep it straight for days at a time. That’s it. But that’s a BIG claim to make, and quite frankly, I’ve been disappointed by these “sleek” products promising me straight hair and Henry Cavill in a handbasket, but I’m an addict. That’s right, a straight hair addict. I would spend anything and go anywhere for my next straightening fix! I feel pathetic, like an Orange County housewife who just realized she’s 32.

LPS, you're my only hope.

Living Proof Straight spray is kind of pricey ($29 for 5.5 oz, $17 for for 1.8 oz), but if it really does what it says, it could possibly take the place of the potentially harmful and ridiculously expensive Brazilian Blowout. All I can say is that I’ll definitely be putting this on my wish list this year! And it’s excluded from all coupons at ULTA, so it MUST be good, right? Anyone try this product yet?


Nails Nails Nails

I am downright obsessed with nail polish. Years ago, when I was a fool, I would buy nail polish full-price from MAC, Macys, Ulta, OPI, you name it. I even spent $50 bidding on the it-color of the season: Chanel Black Satin nail polish.

You don't even want to know what I had to do to afford this in college...or do you?!

But those days have gone and now I find myself perfectly content with brushing off-brand polishes onto my nails. I’ve found a way around paying full price too, usually by buying polish and supplies directly from suppliers. I made quite a good haul this weekend so I thought I’d share my most recent manicure.

ULTA "Little Black Dress"

First, I painted a sparkly black polish onto my nails.

Bright blue sparkle polish

Then I added a bright blue glitter, concentrating its sparkly powers at the top of the nail, and then, with a lighter hand, painting some glitter going down the nail towards the cuticle. The effect I was going for was kind of like a falling star effect. I think it turned out pretty nice and subtle, and just in time for gloomy fall.

Here’s a clearer pic:

I’ll be sharing my DIY manicures weekly, just like I how do with my friends and our recently formed “Nail Club.” It’s like a book club, but with nail polish and no books and no club. What kind of DIY manicures are you hoping to try this fall?

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