Fun Nail Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Between forkfuls of stuffing and fighting over the last Porto’s cheese roll, I managed to paint my nails.

Because it’s not Thanksgiving unless Disney is there.

More Thanksgiving goodness from CH!

LDL- Thanks for spreading more holiday cheer!

Winter is coming!

That’s right, winter is coming. It is not HERE yet. Just a few more days til it’s socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas songs & decorating (sorry KOST, you’re just being ridiculous at this point.)

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! ❤


Post Thanksgiving Blues

Feeling blue about how much you ate this holiday weekend? Don’t!

Miss Piggy recently gave an interview to Chelsea Handler, and she was asked: “Are you a plus size?”


Her response? “If by plus you mean I have an extra fabulous, gorgeous, give-me-some-of-that figure,” said Miss Piggy. “Then yes. If you mean fat then no.” Snap snap.

You heard it straight from the piggy’s mouth. Sure, we all probably ate more than we should have this weekend, but as long as we had a wonderful time with family and friends, oh frickin’ well. Good times were to be had, and we had them. As long as we remain happy and healthy, we shouldn’t stress out too much. Go for a run (or 6), & get over it!

By the way, the Muppets movie was fantastic. It’s a must-see for anyone. I can’t get enough of them! Speaking of which, I think I’m gonna partake in the amazing Muppets OPI collection…see the collection here!

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