Fun Nail Friday!

It’s been a great week!


#StandWithWendy, img via Jezebel



equality  nails

This makes me smile. And so do L’s Bollywood nails! Great, now I’m craving samosas and have the urge to dance around my office–not that it’s ever a bad thing!

LDL nails june 28

Have a great weekend, and if you’re in Southern California, for CHRISSAKES stay hydrated!


Fun Nail Friday!

Oh…we’re all still here. I guess we’ll have Fun Nail Friday as planned!

It is a frosty 37 degrees in Southern California this morning and I can’t even deal. I had to really think about if I wanted to brush my teeth or not this morning, because the water was just not getting warm. Spoiler alert: I DID, calm down.

Onto the nails!


More Christmas Nailage from LDL!

LDL nails dec 21


Ruby red Christmas from CH!

CH nails dec 21

Ho Ho Ho!  I wonder what Santa’s bringing me this year. Will it be lots of nail polish, a pug, or maybe even 2013’s Man of Steel under my tree? No? Well, I just had to put that out into the Universe, you know, just in case.


Be good everyone! And a very Merry Christmas to you!


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