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I’m a fan of NARS Orgasm blush as much as the next gal (or maybe more, actually) and now they’ve ejac come out with another palette so you can go even deeper with your craze for this good stuff.

Behold the “Foreplay” palette:

Batteries Not Included.

On sale RIGHT NOW at Sephora, you can get this titillating palette which I just know will give you the best glow ever! I mean, it’s gonna be real hard to go back to plain old blush after this one!

Here’s me blabbering on and on about NARS Orgasm blush.


Marc Jacobs + Sephora!

Ooh La La! The ethereally fabulous Marc Jacobs is up to his lashes involved in a new project with Sephora: a makeup line! And why not? He’s tried and KILLED at damn near everything else he’s gotten his pretty little hands on.

Including looking better than me in makeup, god DAMN it!

What kind of things do you think he’ll design? Daisy colored nail polishes? Tubes of mascara wearing little kilts? Heavily tattooed eyeshadow palettes? I HOPE SO!!!

Read more about Marc Jacobs for Sephora collection here:

Fun Nail Friday!

Well, The Hunger Games last week was insane in the membrane, & I’m honestly still exhausted from all that jazz with the reaping, and hunting, and dystopian stuff. And when it came to doing this week’s manicure, I was totally lazy.

However, it was a perfect time to try out the Sephora (by OPI) Chic Prints design appliques I bought during the holiday season!

I like animal print–on occasion, and always in moderation. Leopard or Zebra print doesn’t really appeal to me, but Giraffe? Sign me up! That’s the classiest lookin’ animal on the savannah, I always say.

Isn’t nice how super shiny they are? That’s because these precut strips also have a little bit of Minx in them–you know, that super fancy manicure technique that celebrities just love. The packaging says the nail strips will keep for 1-2 days, but we’ve been going on for almost an entire week. Yay us!

Unfortunately, this style is no longer on sale at Sephora, but Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips are also an awesome choice.

Happy Friday, and holy shit, it’s April already?!

Products We’re Excited For!

Well this could be fun! Crazy old Betsy Johnson is collaborating with Sephora by OPI for a new nail polish line!

(L-R): “Alley Cat”, “Cartwheels on the Catwalk”, “XOX Betsey”

(L-R): “Forever Wild”, “Pushing Your Luck”

Last but not least, we have “It’s My Pink!” and “Sparking Personality”. What’s so wild about the pink shade is that its scented, and smells like Betsey’s Too Too perfume. How cute!

I’m loving all of these nail collabos. Are you looking forward to this line? Who do you hope does an affordable nail collection in the future?

What To Do When Your Hair Smells of Fart and Perfume?

This juicy little poetic detail from a product review was too funny to not explore further!

This is Bumble and Bumble’s new hair straightening treatment that claims to straighten and smooth hair and add shine for up to 30 shampoos. This product was JUST about to be added to my “Products We’re Excited For” list, until I started reading some reviews. I started on Sephora, because I had just gotten an email blast about this product.

“I noticed minor results, but my hair smells like f_rt and perfume (which I guess is how perm smells). not mad enough to get a refund, not good enough to buy again.” -sweetlola

And that, friends, is enough for me to not want to buy this product! I mean, I’m surrounded by the smell of fart all the time, thanks to my close proximity to a certain deteriorating coworker (70 years old and still farts like a junebug). Other reviews mention the same types of issues:

  • Bad smell
  • Product only works for a few days
  • Excessive blowdrying and flat ironing still needed
  • Perm-like bumps in hair
  • Pricey

Their print ad didn’t do much to convince me either.

Umm…is this the before or after?

Is the Colonial-Sister Wives look in again?

These photos are just creep me the f*ck out. Sorry, I can’t. I CAN’T!!!

There’s also a Bumble and Bumble Concen Straight (I also CAN’T with this stupid play on words!) treatment available at select salons. For “just” $275, you can get your hair done by a pro and then take home the products. Umm…no thanks. I’m doing just fine hunting Groupon for $99 Brazilian Blowouts…kthxbye!

Bumble and Bumble Concen Straight Hair Smoothing Treatment | $45 | & in stores

“O” my goodness!

Everyone raves about NARS most popular shade of blush “Orgasm.” As a fervent blush user, you’d think I would have tried it already, but I didn’t understand the hype.

Quite frankly, I just thought you all were faking it.

NARS highlighting/bronzing blush duo in "Orgasm/Laguna"

Sephora has this neat blush/bronzer duo compact that is your one stop shop to O-Ville. “Orgasm,” a peachy-pink shimmer, and “Laguna,” a sheer light brown shimmer, can be worn separately or together for a surprisingly natural glow. Yishar Koach, I am now a believer! Here without further ado, are the money shots:

Before: Instagrammed Winter Pallor 😦

After: An Acceptable Winter Glow 🙂

And I liked it so much I decided to do it again…

And again…

All jokes aside, here’s a full facial shot so you can see the difference this blush makes:

Stage left: glowy bliss; stage right: frustratingly pale

Mazels to Nars and Sephora for this orgasmic product.

NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo (available in 2 other shades) | or in stores | $40

a little POP!

I like to punch up an otherwise boring makeup look with a little pop of color. My weapon of choice is usually a metallic eyeliner. I bought several inexpensive colors from Sephora‘s Nano eyeliner collection. I love these because they’re cheap enough for you to not have to commitment issues with, and I really hate the feeling of being owned by an item of makeup (i.e.: “This Chanel lipstick cost over $30, so I HAVE to wear it with everything to get some good use out of it!” or inversely, “This store brand liquid foundation was so cheap, I just HAVE to wear it all the time because it was such a good deal!”. Okay. Whatever. This is better than that.

Today I applied some neutral eyeshadow (M.A.C.’s Naked Lunch on my lids, and Mythology in the crease) and lined my eyes with Sephora’s “Wild Spirit” nano eyeliner, a sassy purple shade (that doesn’t make you look like a gas station hooker). But enough about me. Let’s look at pictures of me to see how I pulled this simple morning look off:

What I like about “Wild Spirit” is how it’s kinda like my little secret. From far away, it just likes a plain ole swipe of eyeliner, but if you get really close- LOOK OUT!- you’ll get punched in the face by the purple. It’s like “Oh hello–PURPLE POW!” It’s a pretty nice defense when coworkers get dangerously close to entering your bubble. It’s like the makeup version of SCRAM!

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