Fun Nail Friday!

They say that “he who breaks a resolution is a weakling, and he who makes one is a fool.”

I know better than to leave everything to chance and just hope for the best, but I still can’t help making a wish or two for the new year. With that being said, put your lips together…and blow!

dandelion nailsLet’s have an amazing 2013, you guys!



Beauty Resolutions We Can All Keep!

Well, of course we did not lose those 20 pounds this year that we promised ourselves, but really, who did? Setting lofty goals like that are challenging, but unless you have the sheer willpower of a dieting stoner, they may as well be impossible. Hey, I never said being more positive was on my to-do list!

Therefore, I’d like to bring to your attention some beauty resolutions that I call “The Bradley Coopers,” basically because they are just so doable.

  • BC #1: Wash your face before bed. Right, like anyone has to be reminded of that…wrong! I know an alarming amount of people who do not do this (you know who you are)! I feel icky if I go to bed with mascara clumps. By the time I roll into bed it’s long dried and will quietly flake off in my sleep, but that is not okay. This is America, people. They make eye makeup remover for a reason! I suggest: Target’s Up & Up makeup wipes, less than $4 for a 30-pack.

  • BC #2: Moisturize. I hear this is the key to not looking like an old hag when you’re in the prime of your life. If your goal is to be carded forever, then moisturizing is for you. And for less vain people, it also helps prevent premature wrinkles & damage to your skin from chemicals. So unless you had some kind of traumatic moisturizing experience as an at-risk youth, you should be moisturizing at least 2 times a day. And for extra credit, moisturize with SPF. I suggest: Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar” for $38.50 or Olay Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion w/ SPF 15 for $15-20.

  • BC #3: Clean your makeup brushes at least once a month. I admit, I have a hard time with this one. Almost all of my makeup brushes are from MAC, and when I first got them, I didn’t want to use them at all, since I had to mortgage my house to afford them. Now that they’re older and broken in, I don’t take care of them like I used to, so they quickly get caked with layered color and who knows what else. I learned that cleaning your brushes properly can actually save you money! By keeping them clean, you’ll use less makeup (makeup won’t stick to your oily brush), you’ll minimize skin problems (therefore not needing to use as much makeup), and they will last longer in general. Many companies sell specialized brush cleaners, but soap & water will also do the trick. I suggest: MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleanser for $13 for an 8oz bottle. Lasts forever.

  • BC #4: Stop touching your face. I totally get it. You’ve taken my advice about moisturizing, and now you can’t get enough of how soft your face feels. But you must refrain! Germs on your hand make their way into your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth. Blink the wrong way & you’ll get a cold or even worse–the flu. Also, you could be spreading oil around, planting a field of pimples while you graze.
  • BC #4A: Stop picking your pimples. People say it’s theraputic, but I don’t see any benefit to this. Giving yourself blemishes is so two thousand and late.
  •  BC #4B: Stop picking your lip, or any other destructive habit. This one’s for me. I am notorious for picking at the little patch of skin at the center of my upper lip. It’s my tick. I pick at it when I’m bored, nervous, and/or anxious. The skin always grows back, but the area still maintains its redness. One way I’ve tried to combat this is by always wearing lip balm, gloss, or lipstick. It helps, but when it all wears off, its free game again. I really MUST get better at this…
  • BC #5: Try to look together, all the time. Let’s work on this one together. There are some days where you roll out of bed, middle finger in the air, thinking “F*** today!” You leave the house with a hoodie on, no makeup, and you don’t even care. Other days, you wake up early to curl/flat iron your hair, apply a full face of makeup, and take your time picking out the perfect outfit. We need to find some middle ground here. I wear makeup 99% of the time, this is true. But I’m not talking “Kim Kardashian goes to the grocery store” makeup. For every day, I opt for moisturizer, mascara, eyeliner, blush, brows, and gloss. For special days, I opt for my every day look + foundation. For slummy days, I opt for just moisturizer and mascara. It still makes a difference. By putting some effort into how you look every single day will reflect kindly upon yourself. Believe it! You may just run into your very own BC one day, and you really don’t want to be looking like the evil hag version of yourself!

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