Fun Nail Friday!

A NEW YEAR! <Insert obligatory “I can’t believe how fast the year has gone” rant>

With formidable holidays like this one looming in front of us, I can’t help but ask myself the tough questions. Like…is there ever such thing as too much glitter? I say no. That is, until you have to remove all that glitter polish. I’ve definitely shot myself in the foot with this week’s New Year’s Eve Nails! If anyone would like to send me a vat of acetone for me to soak my hands for 4 days while my rhinestones and glitter take their time falling off, please send me a message. Serious inquiries only. :p

2013 nails

And here are some fabulous NYE nails from LDL, who is just such a firework this week!

LDL nails dec 28


Fatkid throwback nails!

MKL nails dec 28



Mr. Winter nails by CH 🙂CH nails dec 28

We shall see you in the new year! Have fun and be safe! Thanks for hanging out 🙂



Fun Nail Friday!

Don’t even think about going out and getting shitfaced this NYE without having your nails painted.

Did you know…

  • Glittery nails are directly proportional to the amount of fun drunk pictures you’ll be invited to be in
  • You won’t find someone to kiss at midnight with bare nails
  • Nails are fun. You are fun. Don’t let us down!!!

Here is what you get when you combine OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark” and “Rainbow Connection.”

And glitter. A little glitter never hurt anyone.

Happy New Year!!!

May 2012 bring us all peace, prosperity, glitter, and beauty.

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