Hamburger Makeup

Umm, tasty?

I love International ad campaigns. They’re edgier, crazier, and I think they usually get their point across more effectively. Here’s the new ad from Burger King (Netherlands), created to encourage those crazy Dutch crowds to buy more burgers!

I don’t think I’ll be hamburgularing this look anytime soon, but it is quite a cool concept. And if they really want to sell more burgers, why don’t they just open a Burger King Kush Kafe right next door? Just wondering.


Hallo Holland!

It’s 2012 and OPI is wasting NO time getting their next collection out. I’m really excited for this one, inspired by our friendly neighbors across the pond in Holland. Hits stores on February 8th, 2012!


Top row (L-R):

  • “Red Lights Ahead…Where?” -This coral-packed red is the hottest in the district. You know you can’t make a line about Holland not NOT talk about the red-light district! Va-va-voom!
  • “A Roll in the Hague” -Take advantage of this frisky little orange. Goodness OPI, I know we’re in International waters but these names are just so borderline naughty!
  • “Vampsterdam” -A deep purple for a divine diva. Is there such thing as Dutch bloodsuckers? I feel like they’d be really polite. Pardon meneer, may I bite your neck alstublieft? No? Ok, dank u wel.
  • “Thanks a WindMillion” -You totally deserve this breezy sea green. They say windmill but there’s only one green I think about when I think about Amsterdam. I guess “Brilliant Blue Bong Hit” was too edgy this time!
  • “Did you ‘ear about Van Gogh?” -Rumor has it…this sandy bisque is a work of art. I feel like this color would look horrible on me. Maybe I could add a little pink art in the middle and fashion it after an ear. I don’t know. Swaddle me.
  • “Kiss me on my Tulips” -A smooch-worthy shade of hot pink. Keep your pants on, OPI! Jeez! There are kids around!
Bottom row (L-R):
  • “Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?” -All of Holland hollers for this crowd-pleasing plum. Yes, colors like these are why I love OPI completely.
  • “I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!” -This sassy steal-blue shimmer means business! I love it when Suzy gets all feisty with her polish names.
  • “I Have a Herring Problem” -What’s that you say? I need to “sea” this shimmery green-blue? I love this color. It looks better out of the bottle though. See below:
  • Image via

  • “Pedal Faster Suzi!” -This pink lavender shimmer will have you “wheeling.” This is something I would paint on a toddler, not so much my speed..
  • “Wooden Shoe Like to Know?” -It’s no secret…everybody loves this shimmery chocolate-brown. It is a secret, however, how much I want a pair of those Dutch clogs. Do people even wear them or do they just grow plants in them?
  • “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes” -Take a walk on the wild side with this robust rose. Oh, I get it. Gouda is from the Netherlands. Makes sense. 

Tot ziens, biatch!

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