Fun Nail Friday!

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and you know what? I can only take so many neon and sunshine nail looks, so how about this dark ombre design? I thought it may keep some of that heat away from me by channeling a winter state of mind, but I regret to inform you that it has failed. Oh well. 
Have a great weekend!Image


Fun Nail Friday!

This week’s theme was so easy…because ‘MERICA!!!!!

murica nails


Hope you had a Happy 4th!

Fun Nail Friday!

Hey guys!

I’m super excited to be attending the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire on opening day tomorrow!! I can hardly wait. Mead, turkey legs, wenches galore! So I decided to bring back a nail look from when I was obsessed with another medieval phenomenon, The Tudors. Leave it to Showtime to pique my interest in sleazy disease-y Kings!

Tudor nails2


Maybe I’ll pick up some beauty tips from the Middle Ages…leech facial anyone?

How about another thing those medieval dummies knew nothing about: Stars! We need to thank our lucky stars that Copernicus came into the picture, because seriously, astronomy is hard.

CH nails april 5

Nails by CH

Whoa, is there some bloodletting going on here? It’s crazy sometimes, all the residual polish goo that glitter polishes have!

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Well that is all for now! Go out and enjoy your Fridays!

Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!!

It’s warming up real nice around these parts, so I decided to experiment with one of Spring’s cutest trends: Nudes + Neons! I don’t know why, but I just LOVE me a good neon every now and then.

neon nude


And because I’m so pathetic at painting my left hand, I was offered some MUCH needed assistance!


So THIS is what being married is about. I’m going to love it!

More neons + nudes with fun heart shapes:

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Not one, but TWO glittery nails?! Do you realize how many laws this breaks? I always knew you were a total rebel, girl!

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

Living life on the edge. Always. 😉

Fun Nail Friday!

Whoa, how is it Friday already?! I’m home sick but that makes me even more determined to round up some nails for the week!

So, I’m not saying you’re slacking, MKL…but you just sent me three weeks worth of nails in one. 😉
MKL nails feb 8

Today we bid a fond beannacht to CH, who’s on her way to the Emerald Isle for a few weeks of Guinness drinking and leprechaun hunting! Bíodh turas iontach, bitch!

CH nails feb 8

additional nails by LDL, what an overachiever!

additional nails by LDL, what an overachiever!

Of course, next week contains the mother of all overrated days, so naturally, LDL came ready with our pink nails.

LDL nails feb 1

tt nails feb 8

I like these pale pinks so much that I think I’m gonna make them my wedding colors!

Welp, that’s all I got! Have a great weekend!

Fun Nail Friday!

Is Ombré SOOOOOOO last year? Maybe so, but who has pink tips and don’t give a care? This guy.

Therefore, I’m going to ombre the crap out of my things until the cows come home. I saw this really cute neon ombre nail look on Pinterest, but I had a little trouble as my neons are just too neon, if that makes any sense. It was kind of hard to get that perfect fade, so let’s just go ahead and say these are neon two-toned nails.

2ToneSo even though it’s set to be a cold as hell weekend in Southern California, this bright mani has me dreaming of warm summer nights.

Have a great weekend!


Fun Nail Friday!

It IS Friday, right? With this mid-week holiday that felt like both a Saturday and Sunday, I don’t even know which way is up. But it’s Friday (I just checked), so it’s time for some nails!

This week is all about ‘MURICA!!!

image via

Alright. Let’s get girly.

I don’t particularly enjoy red and white stripes (too many bad experiences with candy canes) so this is my “Deconstructed American Flag.”

Here’s someone who did stripes, and did them well!

Nails by LDL

This is so cute & summery!!! Did you use the Scotch Tape Mani?

Speaking of summery, I so wish I was on the beach right now. A REAL beach. Thanks for rubbing it in, CH. 🙂 Actually, keep rubbing it in! Sand makes for a great exfoliator!

It’s getting hot in here so I’m cooling off by looking at this picture of cotton candy ice cream. This is also how I’m keeping my girlish figure this summer. You can look, but not lick.

That’s what she said!


Everyone knows that in ‘MURICA, these colors don’t run! Oops, but they totally did on AM’s patriotic dot manicure.

What started off as red and blue dots turned into what I like to think is a happy accident. Top coat mess up your style? So what? I love the effect!

Well kids, it’s time for us to get out there and enjoy our second Friday this week (or are we coming off of our second Monday? I don’t know)! Toodles!

Fun Nail Friday!

This week was all about love and movies. Movies and love. It’s no surprise that half of us ended up doing Movies on Nails, and half did Love on Nails!

I’m so looking forward to seeing this movie. I mean, it has Captain Kirk, Bane, and the resident Queen of the RomCom Reese. What is not to love? Same can be said about C.H.’s mani. Dark shiny red with a metallic pop.

Here’s my Valentines nail ‘do which I guess can be best described as “Princess Peach meets Love and War.” The Princess Peach colors weren’t intentional, honestly, but it werks! These are nail stickers from my friends over at World Design who have cute and very affordable nail art decals. And yes, I did not have a collage this week. That’s because I was too busy taking this picture with my camera phone held in my mouth! Kidding. I was just lazy.

MKL is this week’s RDC (resident dark cloud), basing her mani off of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” A weird movie indeed, especially since it’s listed as one of the top 10 anti-Valentines movies! Tsk tsk MKL, where is your holiday spirit? 🙂 Love the hot pink though!

LDL is bringing ALL the love back with her cute Valentines ‘do. Seriously, if after seeing this you don’t feel like kissing (or at least hugging) the next person you see, I worry for you. *Note: this worry does not apply if you live in New York City.

Happy Friday, lovebugs. It’s a holiday weekend!!!

When Avril Met Sally

Hey hey you you, raise your fist if you are so DONE with Avril Lavigne.

image via

Well, there’s your answer. The people of America (and Canada) have spoken. No more Avril, please.

Much to my dismay, one of my favorite nail companies has picked Miss Sk8er Boi to be the face of their new collection for their amazing Salon Effects press on nail line. Ugh, why?

I admit, SOME of the designs are actually kinda cute (I’d totally wear the colorful leopard print strips pictured above) but I don’t know. I feel like Avril belongs somewhere in 1998 and Sally Hansen could have chosen a more relevant artist to team up with. A Britney Spears line would SLAY, and so would a Taylor Swift collection. Gaga’s already tapped out at Barneys, but her stuff is so expensive that I most definitely wouldn’t even think twice about it.

It’s just…Avril? Really?

Fun Nail Friday

This week, it’s more like a SNF (Sick Nail Friday). My throat hurts, my head hurts, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! I’m feeling so crappy that it’s about time to break out the emergency glitter. Yes, you heard me.

Glitter: is it the new penicillin? Will report back with my findings.

Time to cuddle in with some whiskey and a good movie. Speaking of movies…the girls and I decided to tackle more movie themes for a weekly manis! I’m quite impressed at our selections. Something for every type of cinephile!

"The Dream is Collapsing"

Here’s my ode to one of the most WTF movies of our time. Step into the levels of the dream…I rather like the little maze nail (it’s so Versace for H&M), but my nail is too small for the spinning top NOT to look like a chubby “X.”

"Death cannot stop true love... All it can do is delay it for a while."

Oh how I love that C.H. chose “The Princess Bride!” And are we living for the periwinkle glitter pieces or WHAT?! So pretty!!! C.H. might need a little emergency glitter removal, though.

Yu Tu Mama También

Thank you MKL, for adding one of my favorite movies into the mix. I don’t think many of you know this, but Gael Garcia Bernal and I fell in love on the set of this movie. And yes, we’re still going strong. Le sigh.. “Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.”


LDL knows this wouldn’t be a #MoviesOnNails mani week without a little Sex & the City! I am loving these sassy little leopard spots!

Stay tuned to see what our next week’s theme will be, you do NOT want to miss out! Oh who am I kidding, it’s MOVIES again!!! 🙂

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