Fun Nail Friday!

I am so confused.

Late last week and early this week, the weather in LA was like this:

image via AP

image via AP

So naturally I got into a Summery mood and painted my nails like this:


swirls = summer. just fyi

But then the day after I painted my nails the weather started being like this (not as sunny and 70 degrees):

img via Adam Bouska

img via Adam Bouska

So I just don’t even know what to say to you guys right now. And they say Seattle has the highest rate of SADD. :-p

Have a great weekend!



Fun Nail Friday!


It’s that time again, time to remember to break out those reusable bags and turn off your lights for an hour…EARTH DAY! Here’s to another year of life on our lovely planet.

TT earth day nails


Rosettes are awesome…here’s a good one from LDL!

LDL nails april 19


CH has been at Vegas’ CinemaCon all week trying to hunt down THE Man of Steel himself..oh, and I guess doing some official stuff too 🙂 Love that decal!

CH nails april 19


Have a great weekend!!


Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!!

It’s warming up real nice around these parts, so I decided to experiment with one of Spring’s cutest trends: Nudes + Neons! I don’t know why, but I just LOVE me a good neon every now and then.

neon nude


And because I’m so pathetic at painting my left hand, I was offered some MUCH needed assistance!


So THIS is what being married is about. I’m going to love it!

More neons + nudes with fun heart shapes:

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Not one, but TWO glittery nails?! Do you realize how many laws this breaks? I always knew you were a total rebel, girl!

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

Living life on the edge. Always. 😉

Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!!!

It’s March 8th and exactly one year til I tie the knot! Yay! I guess that explains why my nails are so obnoxiously cheery this time 🙂

tt mar 8

This reminds me of that time I went to see Katy Perry!


Ooh, we’re springing forward this Sunday! We don’t do this stupid DST stuff where I come from, so twice every year I just rely on my electronics to reset themselves. Because ain’t nobody got time fo dis!!!

Tis the season for more springtime nails!

CH nails march 8

Nails by CH

Did you know that Essie has a line of nail art stickers called the “Sleek Collection?” I didn’t, but thanks to CH for bringing this up!!! Look how cute these are!

CH nails mar 1

A refreshing simple french mani:

Nails by MKL

Nails by MKL

Teal is in the air:

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Have a great weekend!

Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday! It’s Oscar weekend of course, so it’s time to start taking some risks.

So I decided to file my nails to a point like all the cool kids are doing and combine some interesting colors and textures! I gotta say, once my nails grow longer I think I’ll be a great asset to the pointy nail community. It really does good things for my fat sausage fingers.


Please excuse the cuticles. They are out of control this time of year!

Pastel pink? Gold glitter? Yes, I can wrap my head around that. But black and white chevron pattern thrown in? That’s when things get weird. But you know…I like the combination of these textures and colors. At first glance, it’s weird and doesn’t seem to really work, but then you realize it does. Kind of like Ben Affleck’s ARGO hair.

images (2)

Don’t like this hair? Argo-f*ck yourself!

It’s still February (for some reason) and LDL is back with pinky rhinestones! Tis the season! 🙂

LDL nails feb 22Happy Oscar Sunday everyone, hope you win your office pools!



Fun Nail Friday!

Hello there!

Since I’ve been eyeball-deep in Wedding nonsense lately, I thought it would be only fitting if I tried out some options for my “Something Blue.” However, as usual…I think I need to calm down. After all, Kate Middleton would never wear these crazy chevrons on her wedding day…right?

something blue

Speaking of things to do…guess who’s going to Ireland in just two short weeks!

CH nails jan 25


Don’t worry about packing warm clothes, girl, just let the Guinness do all the work for you! I wonder if C.H. is gonna find her a pot of gold? I know L.D.L. hopes she does!

LDL nails jan 25

Have a great weekend and stay dry if you’re in the LA area!

The David’s Bridal contest I’m obsessed with is still going on, so please, if you’re on Facebook, vote for meeeeeeeeee! Here’s the link.

Mahalo ❤

Fun Nail Friday!

Let’s get some things straight. Seeing as how it’s now January 18th, can we all please resolve to stop saying Happy New Year? Thank you. It’s no longer a new year. WE’RE 18 DAYS IN! CHECK YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m done complaining about overly polite people. How are you on this Friday? Let’s look at some nails!

January means back to life, back to reality for diets, non-Christmas music and best of all, school children!

MKL nails jan 18

Nails by MKL

Speaking of diets…can someone pass the chocolate, please? The calories don’t count if you have coordinating nails.

LDL nails jan 18

Nails by LDL

I haven’t played with my Matte About You polish in a while, so I thought I’d throw it back into the mix, Instagram it, and contrast it with some super sparkly polish. I like the result:


So HEY! I’ve got a favor to ask you! If you can spare a click or two, will you please VOTE for me in a David’s Bridal contest? There’s a wedding to be had and the financial finish line is lookin’ really scary! This will surely help 😉
Voting started yesterday (Jan 17) and will go until Jan 30. I’d love a vote (or 87) from you. Thank you so much!

Happy Friday!

Fun Nail Friday!

Is Ombré SOOOOOOO last year? Maybe so, but who has pink tips and don’t give a care? This guy.

Therefore, I’m going to ombre the crap out of my things until the cows come home. I saw this really cute neon ombre nail look on Pinterest, but I had a little trouble as my neons are just too neon, if that makes any sense. It was kind of hard to get that perfect fade, so let’s just go ahead and say these are neon two-toned nails.

2ToneSo even though it’s set to be a cold as hell weekend in Southern California, this bright mani has me dreaming of warm summer nights.

Have a great weekend!


Fun Nail Friday!

Is it just me, or did this one week feel like it was 31 days long?! What’s up with you, Dec 10 thru 14? Not cool.

Now that we’re knee-deep in the Christmas game, it’s time to bring up one of the most controversial topics of the season: what is the best Christmas album of all time? We have some differing opinions.

CH nails dec 14


Whoa, take us back to 1998 why don’t you! CH says that this is her favorite Christmas album. Yes, this album is fabulously festive, but is it the BEST??

christmas 2012 nailsFor me it’s all about 1994 and Mariah!!! This surely is the best Christmas album of all time!

MKL nails dec 14

Nails by MKL

LDL nails dec 14

Feel better wishes to our RDC, LDL!

I don’t know about you, but after seeing DMX’s contribution to the Christmas world, I’m not so sure I can stand by Mariah. Amazing work, sir. Amazing.

What’s your favorite Christmas album? Vote below!



Fun Nail Friday [Nails Abroad]!

Happy Friday!

Here begins my Nails Abroad miniseries! Inspired by the countries and cities I visited in Europe, I wanted to do some nail looks to pay tribute to these lovely places that I already miss! A lot!

First, my fiance and I flew into Barcelona, Spain. It was pouring, but eventually it cleared up and we realized we were in one of the most vibrant, beautiful cities in the world. Barcelona was full of incredible sights, delicious food, and some of the nicest people we’ve met.

Pictured above: Parc Guell & Sagrada Familia cathedral

I can’t properly express how AWESOME Barcelona is, and how amazing Spain is in general. If you’ve never been, make it your first stop next time you hop across the pond.

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