Fun Nail Friday!

Looks like it’s another movie themed nail week with the release of Pixar’s first ever prequel: Monsters University! 

monstersu nails


For once, I can’t wait to go back to school! 🙂


Fun Nail Friday!

It’s finally Summer Blockbuster Season and I could not be more excited!

I’m most excited for Man of Steel although I’m sure you can’t guess why.



Yes, I’m very excited about the…uh…screenplay…

My friend and I pulled together our “Mani of Steel” looks for our favorite day in Summer 🙂

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

nails by moi

nails by moi

I’m sorry…I think I need a moment to recover.

Enjoy your weekend. I know I will! Okay, I’m done. 🙂

Lashes At A Price

How many of you have ever had eyelash extensions? Don’t you feel so fab in them for the week until they fall off, leaving you sad and lashless?

You might want to return those Groupons for extensions, because I just read a scary article about this trend!



As is the case with almost any beauty trend, eyelash extensions pose a risk. Experts say that eyelash extensions have obvious benefits, but carry hidden risks, such as infection, allergic reactions, irritation, and loss of your actual lashes. Yikes! Apparently, some adhesive formulas include formaldehyde. They shouldn’t, but still do. I think I’m a formaldehyde hypocrite. I love what it does to my hair via Brazilian Blowouts, but I don’t want it anywhere near my eyes.

When I had eyelash extensions done last year before a big trip, I loved what they did. I could head out for the day without needing to do anything to my face, which obvi is an amazing feeling. But, about 10 days later when the extensions started to fall out, I noticed that I had very little natural lash left. It was yucky, man. And unless you choose to get your lashes touched up, they’re gonna be short and stubby for a few weeks! Eyelash extensions are expensive, and therefore not really my cup of tea. I enjoyed it while it lasted, though.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood’s most recent beauty scare?

Fun Nail Friday!

Hey you!

I must say, it’s shaping up to be a very good Friday indeed!

I decided to really bring it this week, since Easter comes but once a year. Please enjoy the fruits of my labor:

TT easter nails

That bunny is SO smug. He loves that it took me 4 tries to paint his damn face!

I also just learned how to paint little roses, which by the way are SO easy, so I’m really feeling good about myself right now. (Just let me have this, okay??) 🙂
One of the good things about this season is the abundance of pastels. Especially pastels + glitter? LOVE!!!

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend and make the most of whatever reason you celebrate the season (whether it be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ or celebrating bottomless Mimosas at your local brunch haunt).


Fun Nail Friday!

9 time zones, 6 cities, 3 weeks, 28 hours in the air, and 1 engagement ring later I am home! On a scale of 1 to Adele, I’m very sad to be back. Haha! Thanks for hanging in there 🙂

Let’s catch up on all the nails we missed. Who’s ready for the new Bond film?! I am!!! And I LOVE the new theme song too!

Nails by CH

Nails by LDL

LDL’s off frolicking in the Mediterranean right now, but we did get to meet up on a rainy evening in Paris at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte for some delicious steak frites. Yum!

Speaking of, I’m so excited that fall has FINALLY arrived in Los Angeles. I managed to miss the days earlier this month when it was over 100 degrees, and I’m sorry to report that we have brought the rain over from Europe, where it literally rained every other day on our trip. Bah! I’m still pretty sick and jetlagged, but I was really excited to paint my nails in fall colors.

Obligatory ring pic!

SPEAKING of other things that happen in Fall, EKF is suuuuuuuuuuuuper excited for football!

I, on the other hand, am very excited to have the TV to myself on Sundays. Go (Area Team)!

Here’s some trip highlights from our adventures abroad 🙂

The Eiffel tower by night

Visiting Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium

Sevilla by night

European bar wisdom

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


The Mae West room, Salvador Dali Museum, Figueres

Ciao for now!


Good Makeup For Bad People

I love Fall.

Schlumpy clothes, pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and lots of cuddling. Not to mention all the vampy makeup and nail shades it’s now socially acceptable to wear!

This fall, Disney is releasing a line of makeup inspired by their oh-so-charming LADYVILLIANS! The big bad HBIC’s of the Magic Kingdom are bringing their fierce colors from their dungeons to ours.


What do you think of these selections from Cruella, the Queen of Hearts, Ursula, the Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, and Maleficent?

6-piece nail polish set available here.

3-piece lip gloss set available here.

It’s good to be bad sometimes!

Now available at The Disney Store.



A Lesson in Kontouring

Thanks Kim, but I don’t need nice cheekbones that badly.

img via, obviously

Multiple O

I’m a fan of NARS Orgasm blush as much as the next gal (or maybe more, actually) and now they’ve ejac come out with another palette so you can go even deeper with your craze for this good stuff.

Behold the “Foreplay” palette:

Batteries Not Included.

On sale RIGHT NOW at Sephora, you can get this titillating palette which I just know will give you the best glow ever! I mean, it’s gonna be real hard to go back to plain old blush after this one!

Here’s me blabbering on and on about NARS Orgasm blush.

Marc Jacobs + Sephora!

Ooh La La! The ethereally fabulous Marc Jacobs is up to his lashes involved in a new project with Sephora: a makeup line! And why not? He’s tried and KILLED at damn near everything else he’s gotten his pretty little hands on.

Including looking better than me in makeup, god DAMN it!

What kind of things do you think he’ll design? Daisy colored nail polishes? Tubes of mascara wearing little kilts? Heavily tattooed eyeshadow palettes? I HOPE SO!!!

Read more about Marc Jacobs for Sephora collection here:

Shake. Stir. Seduce.

So…Estee Lauder is introducing a “Mad Men” inspired “collection” to coincide with the hit series’ return to television on March 25th.

I know, right, Don?! That’s what I was thinking too. To be honest, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that the only people who use Estee Lauder anymore were probably growing up during the 60s. I’m sorry for thinking that, but come on!

Also, the “collection”  is comprised of a cherry red lipstick and a reddish-dark pink blush. I feel like the guy in that Coke Zero commercial where he’s always like, “…And???” No heavy eyeliners for the 60s sex-kitten stare? No hairspray line for those fab bouffants? No false eyelash line? What the what?

Pretty, but worth $40 and $25 (respectively)? I don’t think so. We’re in a recession, dammit. Decent, hardworking millionaires can’t even afford vacation houses anymore, that’s what kind of messed up world we live in. But Estee Lauder don’t care because this special collection is only available at Bloomingdales and online at—hello? Anyone still there?

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