Fun Nail Friday!

Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since there was a movie out that I actually wanted to see, so I’m really excited to check out “42” this weekend! I’m sure it’ll be a tearjerker.

So on that note…here’s a pic I snapped recently at the new Dodgers stadium! The ravine has never looked better 🙂

tt dodgers nails

As always, have a great weekend and Go Dodgers!

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Fun Nail Friday!

Since it’s the first of the year, I’m going to overwhelm you with words of encouragement, belief, optimism, and energy! But don’t let this new ‘tude scare you, because like all the new faces at the gym, it’ll be gone by next week.

I’m a visual learner. That’s why I just can’t get onboard with audiobooks. I’m even having a hard time with the Kindle touch I just got for Christmas. I like to re-read parts of the stories that I accidentally glaze over, and sometimes I accidentally jump too far ahead or back. Then I get confused and find out who won the Hunger Games a little too early.

So…where am I going with this? Well, this week I decided to give myself a visual reminder to get off my ass and make the gym my second home. Considering that I did go last night BUT managed to forget my workout clothes was not a good start, but I shall prevail!

With Lululemon, basketball, tennis, and baseball on my mind (and nails) for the next week, how could I not think about getting physical? Oh, and the dots on my ring finger represent the circles I see anytime after I decide its a good idea to take a run on the treadmill.

So that’s it! Let’s get fit in 2012!

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