Fun Nail Friday!

This week’s theme was so easy…because ‘MERICA!!!!!

murica nails


Hope you had a Happy 4th!


Fun Nail Friday!

It IS Friday, right? With this mid-week holiday that felt like both a Saturday and Sunday, I don’t even know which way is up. But it’s Friday (I just checked), so it’s time for some nails!

This week is all about ‘MURICA!!!

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Alright. Let’s get girly.

I don’t particularly enjoy red and white stripes (too many bad experiences with candy canes) so this is my “Deconstructed American Flag.”

Here’s someone who did stripes, and did them well!

Nails by LDL

This is so cute & summery!!! Did you use the Scotch Tape Mani?

Speaking of summery, I so wish I was on the beach right now. A REAL beach. Thanks for rubbing it in, CH. 🙂 Actually, keep rubbing it in! Sand makes for a great exfoliator!

It’s getting hot in here so I’m cooling off by looking at this picture of cotton candy ice cream. This is also how I’m keeping my girlish figure this summer. You can look, but not lick.

That’s what she said!


Everyone knows that in ‘MURICA, these colors don’t run! Oops, but they totally did on AM’s patriotic dot manicure.

What started off as red and blue dots turned into what I like to think is a happy accident. Top coat mess up your style? So what? I love the effect!

Well kids, it’s time for us to get out there and enjoy our second Friday this week (or are we coming off of our second Monday? I don’t know)! Toodles!

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