Fun Nail Friday!

Hey you!

I must say, it’s shaping up to be a very good Friday indeed!

I decided to really bring it this week, since Easter comes but once a year. Please enjoy the fruits of my labor:

TT easter nails

That bunny is SO smug. He loves that it took me 4 tries to paint his damn face!

I also just learned how to paint little roses, which by the way are SO easy, so I’m really feeling good about myself right now. (Just let me have this, okay??) 🙂
One of the good things about this season is the abundance of pastels. Especially pastels + glitter? LOVE!!!

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend and make the most of whatever reason you celebrate the season (whether it be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ or celebrating bottomless Mimosas at your local brunch haunt).




Happy Halloween, little pumpkins.

I woke up this morning wondering what kind of scary little nail monsters were waiting in my inbox, and look what I found!

Candy Corn nails by LDL- the scariest kind of corn there is! Nice try with the cute little gummy lollipop thing, but I’m still frightened.


Gah!! Just WHO did AM kill to get these gory nails?


Nails by MKL

Warhol’s always a great Halloween costume idea, and very handy if you’re always craving soup like I am.

Here’s CH and her glittery pumpkin patch nails. I’m in the mood for pumpkin EVERYTHING right now! Do you think pumpkin hot pockets would be weird?

Have a very safe and happy Halloween!

Anyone know what we dressed up as? Hint: poster…double hint…baguettes and berets!




Fun Nail Friday!

Oh, 3/17. Everyone’s favorite alcoholiday (beating Easter by a smidgen)!

Naturally, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day eve, we goin’ green. We had to! Although it’s funny because we all HATE green nail polish! It truly pained us to give our nails a coat of green, but here we go…

Finding a green polish in a deep jewel tone helped ease into this color. Of course, I whored it up with some rhinestones. As usual!

C.H., also a longtime green polish opponent, chose to celebrate the day with little tennis balls. And there’s lots of glitter, so I obviously whole-heartily approve.

I love that LDL had fun with this St. Patrick’s Day theme. Here are her dinosaur egg St. Patrick’s Day nails! Anyone else getting Yoshi flashbacks?

At this point of the post we all know there’s only room for one more thing, and that is this week’s RDC (Resident Dark Cloud)! Congratulations MKL, who says she is boycotting this theme due to not owning green polish.

Well blarney on you and your little dog too! But secretly, I don’t blame you… 🙂

Everyone, be safe out there! And remember: the truth comes out when the spirit goes in!

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