Happy Halloween, little pumpkins.

I woke up this morning wondering what kind of scary little nail monsters were waiting in my inbox, and look what I found!

Candy Corn nails by LDL- the scariest kind of corn there is! Nice try with the cute little gummy lollipop thing, but I’m still frightened.


Gah!! Just WHO did AM kill to get these gory nails?


Nails by MKL

Warhol’s always a great Halloween costume idea, and very handy if you’re always craving soup like I am.

Here’s CH and her glittery pumpkin patch nails. I’m in the mood for pumpkin EVERYTHING right now! Do you think pumpkin hot pockets would be weird?

Have a very safe and happy Halloween!

Anyone know what we dressed up as? Hint: poster…double hint…baguettes and berets!





Happy Halloween!

Halloween weekend is upon us! Does everyone have their skanky and/or half-assed Halloween costumes yet? I don’t. Still waiting on good ole UPS to deliver it. With my luck, it will arrive promptly on November 1st.

Just to WOULD be weird to wear this on 11/1, right?

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to share with you one of the funniest blogs I’ve seen in awhile: Halloween or Williamsburg? For those of you who have been to or even heard of the Hipster capital of the world, you know exactly what this photoblog is all about. Actually, if you’re really that cool, you heard about this blog “like, forever ago, back when it was still underground.”

Have a safe Halloween, and remember, after Monday night, neon glitter eyeshadow is NOT OKAY.


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