Fun Nail Friday!

This week’s theme was so easy…because ‘MERICA!!!!!

murica nails


Hope you had a Happy 4th!


Fun Nail Friday!

Looks like it’s another movie themed nail week with the release of Pixar’s first ever prequel: Monsters University! 

monstersu nails


For once, I can’t wait to go back to school! 🙂

Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday! It’s Oscar weekend of course, so it’s time to start taking some risks.

So I decided to file my nails to a point like all the cool kids are doing and combine some interesting colors and textures! I gotta say, once my nails grow longer I think I’ll be a great asset to the pointy nail community. It really does good things for my fat sausage fingers.


Please excuse the cuticles. They are out of control this time of year!

Pastel pink? Gold glitter? Yes, I can wrap my head around that. But black and white chevron pattern thrown in? That’s when things get weird. But you know…I like the combination of these textures and colors. At first glance, it’s weird and doesn’t seem to really work, but then you realize it does. Kind of like Ben Affleck’s ARGO hair.

images (2)

Don’t like this hair? Argo-f*ck yourself!

It’s still February (for some reason) and LDL is back with pinky rhinestones! Tis the season! 🙂

LDL nails feb 22Happy Oscar Sunday everyone, hope you win your office pools!



Fun Nail Friday!

They say that “he who breaks a resolution is a weakling, and he who makes one is a fool.”

I know better than to leave everything to chance and just hope for the best, but I still can’t help making a wish or two for the new year. With that being said, put your lips together…and blow!

dandelion nailsLet’s have an amazing 2013, you guys!


Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my nifty rhinestone wheel, so I had to make sure I included it on this week’s nails, along with a curious nail decal tub I picked up the last time I was at the nail supply store. It’s like…a sequin, but softer. It’s like…confetti, but harder. I don’t know. I just thought it kind of looked like a minimalist snowflake. And can I just say…I’m surprised my rhinestones stayed on with all the online shopping I’ve been doing. I refuse to go into stores this season. I REFUSE.



Something I’ve been entertaining the idea of getting are nail protectors, because more often or not, I paint my nails, and then realize 5 minutes later that I need to a) use the bathroom b) wrestle my hair into submission or c) do something Pinterest related. It doesn’t matter what kind of fast drying top coat or nail drying spray you have, nothing quite perfects a manicure like letting it dry for 5 hours without any interruptions. I can’t explain why it takes 10 minutes at the nail salon but 5 hours at home, but that’s life, I guess.

Then I saw an infomercial for Nails in Motion and I’m not gonna lie…I want to try it! It looks silly, but it solves a very real (first world) problem for me! I’ll update when I get it! 🙂

Fun Nail Friday!

There’s only so many ways you can do your nails at home, so when I see a cheap DIY trend worth trying, I semi freak out.

Welcome to Office Supply Mani 2.0 featuring none other than our sticky friend SCOTCH TAPE!

It sucks trying to draw/paint straight lines on your little nails, so why not let our friends at 3M do the heavy lining for us? Choose a base color (I went for Revlon/Mad About Mango) and accent color (I used OPI’s Glitzerland).

Paint your base coat on, let dry. Then, arrange your scotch tape into whatever design you want! This was hardest for me. I find it hard to KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Not-so-pro tip: Don’t layer on the coats of polish. I found that my polish bubbled up a bit after drying. When it finally did dry. Took FOREVER, even with my China Glaze fast dry top coat. Even though I like the mango/gold color combination, Glitzerland might have been too grainy or thick of a polish to choose. I should probably also mention that I have debilitating nail OCD but that probably has nothing to do with it.

Here’s what I came up with:


Super cheap, super easy, super scotchy.

Have a great weekend!

Fun Nail Friday!

Since I finally figured out how to Pinterest, I’ve been all about DIYing.

Here’s one of the easiest DIY manicures you can do! I call it the “Office Supply Mani.”

Step 1:

Go to Target. Purchase a pack of 544 reinforcements. Lay these bad boys out. Snap a photo for your blog. Proceed…

Step 2:

Press reinforcements onto nail.

Step 3:

Paint the tips of your nail. It’s more fun if you go neon.

Step 4:

Wait until your polish dries and remove the reinforcements. Or, don’t wait, like I did, and touch up your french manicure line with acetone. Finish with glitter and 52 coats of top coat and you’re good to go!

And now, a recap in collage form.

Buy, Press, Paint, Glitter!

Story of my life. 🙂

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