Fun Nail Friday!

Hey, August!

Wow, I can’t explain just why yet, but it’s only a hair into August and it’s already like, the best month ever. Sorry Buzzfeed, but this list is just not true! 

My birthday’s on Sunday and I’m celebrating with some birthday nails! Yeah!!!

birthday nails

Happy birthday, August babies!




The Bieb

We can ignore the fact that it’s Justin Bieber’s birthday, but we absolutely cannot ignore the huge contribution that he (and his stylist Vanessa Price) has made to the hair industry!

Relax. It's 18 now.

Call it what you will: The Bieber Shag, The Underage Combover,  Bieber Layers, The $750 brushover,  The Bieber Hair Helmet, Bieb Bangs — whatever! This cut is going down in HISTORY, alongside “The Rachel” and “The Posh Bob.”

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