Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

Other than a happy springtime mani, nothing quite gets me through the day like a celebrity arrest video. Reese Witherspoon may be America’s sweetheart, but you should know that she is first and foremost, AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. When she and her husband were pulled over for drunk driving, she got on her soapbox and started scolding the policemen for their cruel intentions. Good thing they didn’t make her walk the line, because homegirl was just not havin’ it. You know, if she was arrested in sweet home Alabama and not in Georgia, her charm may have worked. Oh well. Hopefully she learned something from her time as Elle Woods and won’t be spending four christmases in jail. Enjoy!

Anyway, here’s what I did this week with my sweet, sweet freedom:

spring blooms

Stay out of trouble, kids!



Fun Nail Friday!

Hey guys!

I’m super excited to be attending the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire on opening day tomorrow!! I can hardly wait. Mead, turkey legs, wenches galore! So I decided to bring back a nail look from when I was obsessed with another medieval phenomenon, The Tudors. Leave it to Showtime to pique my interest in sleazy disease-y Kings!

Tudor nails2


Maybe I’ll pick up some beauty tips from the Middle Ages…leech facial anyone?

How about another thing those medieval dummies knew nothing about: Stars! We need to thank our lucky stars that Copernicus came into the picture, because seriously, astronomy is hard.

CH nails april 5

Nails by CH

Whoa, is there some bloodletting going on here? It’s crazy sometimes, all the residual polish goo that glitter polishes have!

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Well that is all for now! Go out and enjoy your Fridays!

Fun Nail Friday!

They say that “he who breaks a resolution is a weakling, and he who makes one is a fool.”

I know better than to leave everything to chance and just hope for the best, but I still can’t help making a wish or two for the new year. With that being said, put your lips together…and blow!

dandelion nailsLet’s have an amazing 2013, you guys!


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