Fun Nail Friday!

Oh…we’re all still here. I guess we’ll have Fun Nail Friday as planned!

It is a frosty 37 degrees in Southern California this morning and I can’t even deal. I had to really think about if I wanted to brush my teeth or not this morning, because the water was just not getting warm. Spoiler alert: I DID, calm down.

Onto the nails!


More Christmas Nailage from LDL!

LDL nails dec 21


Ruby red Christmas from CH!

CH nails dec 21

Ho Ho Ho!  I wonder what Santa’s bringing me this year. Will it be lots of nail polish, a pug, or maybe even 2013’s Man of Steel under my tree? No? Well, I just had to put that out into the Universe, you know, just in case.


Be good everyone! And a very Merry Christmas to you!


Gossip Girl


Fun Nail Friday!

Don’t even think about going out and getting shitfaced this NYE without having your nails painted.

Did you know…

  • Glittery nails are directly proportional to the amount of fun drunk pictures you’ll be invited to be in
  • You won’t find someone to kiss at midnight with bare nails
  • Nails are fun. You are fun. Don’t let us down!!!

Here is what you get when you combine OPI’s “Lincoln Park After Dark” and “Rainbow Connection.”

And glitter. A little glitter never hurt anyone.

Happy New Year!!!

May 2012 bring us all peace, prosperity, glitter, and beauty.

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