Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

Okay okay, I just couldn’t stay away! 🙂

Do you like my blue ombre polka dots? I do! Image



Hey kids!

I’ll be taking a work-related leave of absence from Fun Nail Fridays until I get my bearings and really start killin’ it in my new job. So much to catch up on! Thanks for sticking with me thus far! 🙂



Fun Nail Friday!

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and you know what? I can only take so many neon and sunshine nail looks, so how about this dark ombre design? I thought it may keep some of that heat away from me by channeling a winter state of mind, but I regret to inform you that it has failed. Oh well. 
Have a great weekend!Image

Goodbye Beautiful



RIP Talia Joy Castellano…fighter, inspiration, makeup genius, and the newest baddest angel on the block. 

FNF… :(

Hello cutie pies.

Fun Nail Friday is just not happening this week. I have an emergency family situation to attend to and will be back to nails within the next couple of weeks.

Hope to see you then!

Disney / Hair

They really did!

[img via Pinterest]

I knew I’d never be able to finagle my unruly hair into Snow White’s impossibly wavy little bob (you KNOW she has one of those dwarves working round the clock on that mop), that I’d never emerge out of the ocean with Ariel’s wavy red locks (my ASS your hair is that flowy after all that salt water!), and that my hair would never fall quite like Belle’s without a shit ton of hairspray (sorry gurl…for a while I really believed you lived in the French countryside without any kind of hair enhancements).

Oh hair. You’re definitely “Not Like The Movies.”

Dave Barry on Beauty

According to comedian Dave Barry–

Men don’t even notice 97% of the beauty efforts women make. Take fingernails. The average woman spends 5,000 hours per year worrying about her fingernails; I have never once, in more than forty years of listening to men talk about women, heard a man say, “She has a nice set of fingernails!” Many men would not notice if a woman had four hands.

So there you have it, from a real man’s man. Thank you for your wise words, Mr. Barry, but we do not make ourselves pretty for you men. We do it for ourselves, obviously, and in case we run into our celebrity crush at the mall.

Hey girl. Is that 10 perfectly polished nails I see? Let’s get married.

It could happen, you know.

Melt Your Heart Mondays

I know this isn’t makeup related, but I just wanted to share this lovely video that was presented to me this morning on our anniversary. 🙂


Is It Just Me…

Or do you also draw squiggles and designs when you’re dispensing your beauty products?

I can't help myself.

It’s a hella random Tuesday, y’all.

Dear Whitney

A fond and bittersweet goodbye to the diva of all divas. Thank you for blessing us for so many years with your ultimate talent.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

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