Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my nifty rhinestone wheel, so I had to make sure I included it on this week’s nails, along with a curious nail decal tub I picked up the last time I was at the nail supply store. It’s like…a sequin, but softer. It’s like…confetti, but harder. I don’t know. I just thought it kind of looked like a minimalist snowflake. And can I just say…I’m surprised my rhinestones stayed on with all the online shopping I’ve been doing. I refuse to go into stores this season. I REFUSE.



Something I’ve been entertaining the idea of getting are nail protectors, because more often or not, I paint my nails, and then realize 5 minutes later that I need to a) use the bathroom b) wrestle my hair into submission or c) do something Pinterest related. It doesn’t matter what kind of fast drying top coat or nail drying spray you have, nothing quite perfects a manicure like letting it dry for 5 hours without any interruptions. I can’t explain why it takes 10 minutes at the nail salon but 5 hours at home, but that’s life, I guess.

Then I saw an infomercial for Nails in Motion¬†and I’m not gonna lie…I want to try it! It looks silly, but it solves a very real (first world) problem for me! I’ll update when I get it! ūüôā


Good Makeup For Bad People

I love Fall.

Schlumpy clothes, pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and lots of cuddling. Not to mention all the vampy makeup and nail shades it’s now socially acceptable to wear!

This fall, Disney is releasing a line of makeup inspired by their oh-so-charming LADYVILLIANS! The big bad HBIC’s of the Magic Kingdom are bringing their fierce colors from their dungeons to ours.


What do you think of these selections from Cruella, the Queen of Hearts, Ursula, the Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, and Maleficent?

6-piece nail polish set available here.

3-piece lip gloss set available here.

It’s good to be bad sometimes!

Now available at The Disney Store.



Mimi Comes to OPI

OPI announced that in January 2013, Mariah Carey will be getting not one, but TWO OPI nail polish lines!

Did you hear that? It’s the Divasphere exploding.

Gosh, I wonder what kind of names Suzi & co. will come up with. I mean, I’m positive both lines will just be 50 shades of pink, so here are my suggestions:

“Hello Kitty CRAZY!”



“Why U So Obsessed With Me?!”

“If You Have An 8 Octave Range You CAN Wear Sweats & Heels”


“Vision of FAB”

“Anytime You Need A Knee”

“Well, Where Did You Think All This Divaness Came From?”

“Once Upon A Ring Pop”




“I Answer Only To Your Butterfly Highness.”


“Is My Unicorn Parked Out Front?”


“Keep Your Money Close”

Can’t wait!!!


Products We’re Excited For!

Let me tell you the secret of the world…

It’s nail polish.

Polish. Nail polish.

I’m quivering with anticipation at the mention of OPI’s newest collection, due to hit shelves this October to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bond & the newest movie “Skyfall”. Can you believe it’s the 23rd Bond installment? Actually, I can.

These colors are lookin’ pretty damn dangerous to me. From left to right:¬†The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day, Skyfall, GoldenEye, The World Is Not Enough, Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights, Live And Let Die, & Tomorrow Never Dies.

Have you also noticed the lack of pink polish in this collection? Like, where’s the “Pu**y Galore” shade, eh? Come on, OPI. For England!

Now go away, I’m having a daydream in which Daniel Craig is painting my toenails.

Nails & Vino? A Thousand Times YES!

A fabulous winery called Santa Margherita launched a line of nail polishes inspired by the colors of their Pinot Grigio, Sparkling Rose, Prosecco, and Chianti wines. This is just AWESOME. I mean who cares if the colors aren’t really innovative or never before seen shades. This is just a really fun idea, IMO.

Santa Margherita has teamed up with Beauty Bars across the country–HOLD THE PHONE. How have I JUST learned about Beauty Bar?!¬†Beauty Bar is a chain of salons that supplement your normal mani/pedi and salon time with music and alcohol. Umm…excuse me while I make my way down there and make it my second home…

Anyway. These vinotastic polishes are made available at Beauty Bars across the country. OR you could try your luck on Facebook, where Santa Margherita is giving away 200 sets! Enter by “liking” Santa Margherita’s page here.

See below for Santa Margherita and Beauty Bar’s schedule (sorry, LA girls, I think we missed out!)

How To Get NAILED by Ryan Gosling

Hey, girl.

There. I got your attention.

Now that you are mine, I would like to share this RIDICULOUSLY fantastically absurd and delightful idea that Rad Nails came up with.

How freakin’ hilarious is this MAN-icure? How many opportunities do we normal gals get to wrap Zac Efron, RPattz, or Ryan Gosling around our fingers?

My only problem? Can we get more relevant boys here? Joe Jonas? Pharell?! What is this, 2006?! Add the Biebs to the mix and watch your product FLY off the shelves.

Buy: Hot MAN-icure, $18

Products We’re Excited For + Giveaway!

As you may have seen on Fashion Star, Suave has come out with an at-home, formaldehyde-free, easy-to-do Keratin treatment that they really really really want you to buy.

I do not want you to buy it.

I want to give it to you!

This is my 100th post and I think it’s time I give a little something back to you!

So what’s the catch? Well, you must have virgin hair. If you’re a Brazilian blowout Queen like I am, please, move along. If you’ve had your hair chemically straightened or highlighted, please, move along. ¬†I know, what a drag, right? Take this quiz to see if the product is right for you, and if it is, then leave me a comment below and I’ll choose a random winner this Sunday, April 15th!

Just a few small, but important things to note: I am not affiliated with Suave in any way, nor is this contest sponsored by the Company. I love my International friends, but this giveaway is only open to US residents ages 18+. By entering you are accepting these terms and also consenting to have your name (first name only) announced as winner. Please use product only as directed. This is not mandatory, but I would LOVE a review from you once you use the product! Love it? Hate it? I wanna know!

Marc Jacobs + Sephora!

Ooh La La! The ethereally fabulous Marc Jacobs is up to his lashes involved in a new project with Sephora: a makeup line! And why not? He’s tried and KILLED at damn near everything else he’s gotten his pretty little hands on.

Including looking better than me in makeup, god DAMN it!

What kind of things do you think he’ll design? Daisy colored nail polishes? Tubes of mascara wearing little kilts? Heavily tattooed eyeshadow palettes? I HOPE SO!!!

Read more about Marc Jacobs for Sephora collection here:

Get On The Shelf!

Have you ever wondered how hot new products make their way into the mainstream? Do they have more lucky stars? A fairy godmother? A few magic beans?

Actually, it’s quite simple. Every now and then, mega-companies like Walmart sponsor contests for worthy products to get on the shelf!¬†And it’s not just beauty products either, this is also for home appliances, electronics, toys, and gadgets of all sorts.

Starting today, you can vote for a variety of new products, including the one you think should get the chance to be sold at Walmart stores nationwide AND on!

Check them out at and cast your vote (lots of times) for your favorite product. What is getting my vote, you ask?

Easy. Purrrfect Bangs¬†(the bang trimming kit).¬†Click that (<—) link to vote!

Good luck, everyone!

Shake. Stir. Seduce.

So…Estee Lauder is introducing a “Mad Men” inspired “collection” to coincide with the hit series’ return to television on March 25th.

I know, right, Don?! That’s what I was thinking too. To be honest, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that the only people who use Estee Lauder anymore were probably growing up during the 60s. I’m sorry for thinking that, but come on!

Also, the “collection” ¬†is comprised of a cherry red lipstick and a reddish-dark pink blush. I feel like the guy in that Coke Zero commercial where he’s always like, “…And???” No heavy eyeliners for the 60s sex-kitten stare? No hairspray line for those fab bouffants? No false eyelash line? What the what?

Pretty, but worth $40 and $25 (respectively)? I don’t think so. We’re in a recession, dammit. Decent, hardworking millionaires can’t even afford vacation houses anymore, that’s what kind of messed up world we live in. But Estee Lauder don’t care because this special collection is only available at Bloomingdales and online at—hello? Anyone still there?

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