Lashes At A Price

How many of you have ever had eyelash extensions? Don’t you feel so fab in them for the week until they fall off, leaving you sad and lashless?

You might want to return those Groupons for extensions, because I just read a scary article about this trend!



As is the case with almost any beauty trend, eyelash extensions pose a risk. Experts say that eyelash extensions have obvious benefits, but carry hidden risks, such as infection, allergic reactions, irritation, and loss of your actual lashes. Yikes! Apparently, some adhesive formulas include formaldehyde. They shouldn’t, but still do. I think I’m a formaldehyde hypocrite. I love what it does to my hair via Brazilian Blowouts, but I don’t want it anywhere near my eyes.

When I had eyelash extensions done last year before a big trip, I loved what they did. I could head out for the day without needing to do anything to my face, which obvi is an amazing feeling. But, about 10 days later when the extensions started to fall out, I noticed that I had very little natural lash left. It was yucky, man. And unless you choose to get your lashes touched up, they’re gonna be short and stubby for a few weeks! Eyelash extensions are expensive, and therefore not really my cup of tea. I enjoyed it while it lasted, though.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood’s most recent beauty scare?


Smell Good PSA

Let’s make a conscious decision to always, ALWAYS, smell good. Kay? Believe me, some people (including some that I am forced to be in close proximity with on a daily basis) just forget this.


I love Penny from Happy Endings, and I think we should be a little more like her, but not in this way!

Not in this way either:

Scratch that. Let’s not just smell GOOD, let’s smell

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Drunken Beauty Tips

Beer. Yum! It’s not just for happy hour anymore, or in my house, for consumption while in the shower. What, doesn’t everyone?

Beer has been a longtime beauty secret weapon, if you will. The Egyptians used beer because they somehow knew that it contained all the hoppy goodness that your skin secretly needs.

And the Egyptians know what's UP.

In honor of this Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I wanted to share some beer-related beauty tips. Has anyone tried these? Let me know! I’ll be trying a few myself!

Beer & Strawberry Mask

The strawberries in this mask nourish the skin and minimizes the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads with its antioxidant properties.

How to make it:
-In a blender, mix two or three strawberries with a few drops of beer.
-Chug the rest of the beer (optional).
-Mix together until the strawberries and beer make a homogeneous mass.
-Apply to face and leave on for 20-25 minutes, or until partially dried.
Rinse with water and pat dry.

Beer, Lemon, Honey, & Olive Oil Mask

For oily-skinned hunnies.

How to make it:
-In a bowl, combine equal parts of lemon, honey, olive oil, and a few drops of beer.
-Apply mixture on face and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
-Pro Tip: Apply before  taking a shower for best results!

Beer, Almond Extract, and Egg White Mask

For anyone who wants to glow! This mask instantly revives tired (& pissed off) skin.

How to make it:
– In a bowl, lightly beat egg white and mix in a few drops of beer and almond extract.
-Apply mixture to face and leave on for 10-15 minutes, or until dried.
-Rinse and pat dry.

And that’s it! Proof that beer can give you more than just a gut and a wicked hangover.  If anyone tries these, let me know how they work out for you!

By the Skin of Your Teeth

Up next on the list of common, every-day items that are trying to kill us: electric toothbrushes!

Brush...or die!

That’s right, those bastardly contraptions that we’re forced to use by our judgemental dentists, are hoping for our untimely brush with death. Or so they say!

The FDA now warns that electric toothbrushes are indeed fed up with putting up with our shit, and want our blood. Says Shumaya Ali, M.P.H., a consumer safety officer at the FDA:

“It’s important that consumers know how to avoid the risks associated with using the Spinbrush. We’ve had reports in which parts of the toothbrush broke off during use and were released into the mouth with great speed, causing broken teeth and presenting a choking hazard.”

Yikes. There are also reports of cut lips, burn injuries via the toothbrush batteries, & lodged bristles in tonsils. Are these freak accidents or are these just really stupid people? I can’t figure it out. You know how it is, one stupid kid gets injured brushing his/her teeth and the FDA issues a warning.

People getting injured while brushing their teeth. Yes, this is our lives now.

What do YOU brush with? I use the ridiculously expensive Sonicare, but at times I prefer to use my plain old “soft” toothbrush. The bristles make it super easy to take care of my gums and other sensitive areas.

Happy Brushing!

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