Fun Nail Friday!

I think I’ve screamed this from enough mountaintops that everybody around me knows: I DO NOT ENJOY THE PRESENCE OF CATS. There you go, Internet. I don’t. I’m severely allergic, and I don’t like how mean they are (a cat very badly scratched all of my fingers when I was 4) or how much they sometimes hate being touched (you have fur. I’m going to touch you. Deal.)

Like anyone else, I really enjoy a cat from the comfort of my computer screen. My favorite I.C.C. (Internet Celebrity Cat) is of course, Tardar Sauce. Better known as: Grumpy Cat! I have respect for Grumpy because at least she doesn’t pretend to be all cute and cuddly and then shred your fingers up. Just one look at her face and you’d know to keep your distance. Fun fact: Did you know that Tardar Sauce has a form of feline dwarfism, which causes her face to be in a permanent frown? I don’t like knowing that small animals have “conditions,” but at least she’s getting her 15 minutes of fame now.

Anyway, bring on the cat nails!

TT cat nails


How’d I do, Tardar?



Sigh. I’ll get it right one day.

Until then, have a great weekend!! 🙂


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