Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!!

It’s warming up real nice around these parts, so I decided to experiment with one of Spring’s cutest trends: Nudes + Neons! I don’t know why, but I just LOVE me a good neon every now and then.

neon nude


And because I’m so pathetic at painting my left hand, I was offered some MUCH needed assistance!


So THIS is what being married is about. I’m going to love it!

More neons + nudes with fun heart shapes:

Nails by LDL

Nails by LDL

Not one, but TWO glittery nails?! Do you realize how many laws this breaks? I always knew you were a total rebel, girl!

Nails by CH

Nails by CH

Living life on the edge. Always. 😉


2 thoughts on “Fun Nail Friday!

  1. I cant believe you did those yourself! Or atleast the right hand yourself 🙂
    I wish you were my friend so you could do my nails like that all the time!

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