Fun Nail Friday!

Is it just me, or did this one week feel like it was 31 days long?! What’s up with you, Dec 10 thru 14? Not cool.

Now that we’re knee-deep in the Christmas game, it’s time to bring up one of the most controversial topics of the season: what is the best Christmas album of all time? We have some differing opinions.

CH nails dec 14


Whoa, take us back to 1998 why don’t you! CH says that this is her favorite Christmas album. Yes, this album is fabulously festive, but is it the BEST??

christmas 2012 nailsFor me it’s all about 1994 and Mariah!!! This surely is the best Christmas album of all time!

MKL nails dec 14

Nails by MKL

LDL nails dec 14

Feel better wishes to our RDC, LDL!

I don’t know about you, but after seeing DMX’s contribution to the Christmas world, I’m not so sure I can stand by Mariah. Amazing work, sir. Amazing.

What’s your favorite Christmas album? Vote below!




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