Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

It’s totally true, the “Bers” (i.e.: September, October, November, December) go by way faster than the rest of the year. Why is that? Are we all in such a pumpkin spice/tryptophan haze that we don’t even notice the days and months slipping by? Maybe I’ve just been inhaling too much OPI fumes. 🙂

Here’s a super cute and simple nail design I found on Gorgeois by way of Pinterest.

Kiss nails

So pucker up and kiss your loved ones today (or random strangers), because it’s officially the holiday season and it’s time to start making people uncomfortable with your enthusiasm.

Speaking of season, CH is here with some joy (fueled by yuletide beverages, natch):

CH nails nov 30

How cute is that?

Happy Holidays!!! ❤


3 thoughts on “Fun Nail Friday!

  1. I wish I could do my nails as cute as that! I’m too impatient – LOL.

    Also, I love the word yuletide and I love that you used it in your post 🙂

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