Fun Nail Friday [Nails Abroad!]

Happy Friday!

This week’s Nails Abroad takes us to the heartbeat of Spain’s finances (no comment on whether that’s a good or bad thing) – MADRID.

We found Madrid to be a beautiful, walkable city. The buildings were phenomenal and old, which is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from anywhere in Europe. Something else that made Madrid great was the abundance of places to stop and stuff your face with cured meat. Like Museo del Jamon.

The thing we were most excited about seeing in Madrid was in the Reina Sofia Museum. We learned about Picasso’s “Guernica” painting a few months before the trip, and when the meaning was explained to us, we were rendered speechless.

Starting from the right, is a woman screaming because her house is up in flames. Below her is another woman dragging herself through the streets with an injured leg. To the left is a horse with a dagger in its side, trampling a man. Above the man is a woman holding her baby and screaming to the heavens. Above that, a bull, the symbol of Spain, looks over it all, confused. Uh………if that doesn’t sum up the senseless bombing of this northern Spain town, I don’t know WHAT does!

I’m obviously no Picasso (literally)!

Here are some happier pictures of Madrid.

Chocolateria San Gines – Madrid’s favorite churro con chocolate!

Delicious cured pig legs everywhere!

Strolling through the city at dusk



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