Fun Nail Friday!

And just like that, the first week of September has flown by faster than a Kardashian marriage. Can somebody wake me up when it ends?

Alright, enough outdated pop culture references. Onto the nails!

Nails by CH

We have stars in our eyes. Our lovely boyfriend Henry has a new movie coming out this weekend and we have no words. Just nails.

Nails by EKF

Fall is for layers. That includes glitter layers! Eeeeeee! Thanks for your glitter explosion submission, girl!

Speaking of glitter..

Nails by MKL

Never too late for some figs + glitter. Looks like someone’s going a little Georgia O’Keefe on us!

Nails by LDL

Ohh well if this isn’t just B-eauuuuutiful! These pink scalloped clouds are an artform.

Nails by MM

Ooh, day/night nails for those times when you’re neither here nor there…

For my submission I decided to play a bit with contrasting textures again. I’ve got light pink shiny nails with matte black tips. Saw it on Pinterest of course, and I had to try it for myself! I swear my intentions were innocent, but the color combination made me think of underwear–the really cute kind! What can I say…it’s Friday and my mind is elsewhere.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to paint your nailsies 🙂


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