Fun Nail Friday!

These week my nails are very representative of my life right now, and quite basically, I’m just a hot mess. My apartment has apparently relocated to the surface of the sun, so basically…I’m sweating like a fat girl writing her first love letter.

Here are my hot mess / abstract art project nails!

I just want y’all to know that this iPhone weather report is a lie. A goddamn lie! Siri, we need to have a talk. It SAYS 91 degrees but it’s really about 204. In my apartment it’s 1000.

Nails by MKL

Hmm, someone’s in a trailer park and midriff type of mood! Here’s some trashy Barbie Pink nails for ya!

Any avid readers out there? I dare you to join me and CH’s book club. I think we read about 4 books a week, no?

Here’s “But You Built Me Dreams Instead” from The Night Circus.

Pretty & whimsical! I want to live inside a sparkler design!!!

Insomnia always sucks, but not when you can be productive. So I love how my friend O decided to make the most of her time with her glittery tips.

Well have a great weekend y’all, stay cool!

Signing off from the Surface of the Sun…



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