Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

So, I’ve never ventured into the world of matte nails, because I don’t really care for my nails looking like they just crawled through a sandstorm and I’m not really myself without 52 coats of top coat on. Besides, I could never choose which color polish I’d want to buy in a matte shade. It’s a huge commitment! Thanks to Essie, I’ll never have to experience the hardship of this extremely troublesome first world problem.

When I sat down to do my nails this week, I couldn’t decide which colors to matte-ify, so naturally, I used a different color for each nail. I am greedy.

I used a base shade and tried to find it’s glitter/shimmery counterpart, since I wanted to do some shiny dots/design on top of the matte. I love that contrast!

First coat. Not looking promising, but it’s very different!

Finished product: the contrast is a little hard to see because it’s all very busy, but I’m definitely going to keep working on it!

I guess they’re kind of Olympic-y (I can’t believe I forgot to fully devote my nails to the real life Hunger Games, what is WRONG with me?!) but they’re also kind of Birthday-y! Woohoooooo! You are all invited to the birthday party…in my pants.

Also, a very Happy birthday to longtime contributor MKL! 🙂 Um, just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can’t do your nails, lady. Get to it!

Thankfully LDL is representing with her teal stripe mani! Thanks girl, I was starting to feel like I was talking to myself up there.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget my present(s).


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