Fun Nail Friday!

It’s Friday the 13th but we don’t curr! We still do nails on unlucky days.

It seems that this week’s weather forecast calls for jewel tones with a sprinkling of glitter, as seen on our FNF submissions from LDL and CH:

It’s apparently Summer right now, but you can’t tell in Los Angeles, as it’s been thundery and kind of gloomy. I love it. My soul may not welcome hot summer days, so I’ll let my nails do the talking on this one.

Silly collage because I love both watermelons and pugs. Therefore, there’s literally nothing I love more than a pug wearing a watermelon as a hat.

I hope you are having a very lucky day!

<3, me.


2 thoughts on “Fun Nail Friday!

  1. It’s been gloomy and HUMID in Riverside County where I live – grossssssss. These nail pics, however, are NOT gross. I really love the watermelons – I wish I was talented enough to do that with my nails.

  2. Hi Denise,
    I changed my mind. Yesterday (when i wrote this) was not as humid as it is today. It’s so GROSS!
    Re: Watermelons – thanks!!! It was actually really easy! I just painted my nails pink, let it dry, painted a little green layer up top, and then smoothed it over with my white nail pen! Then, made the watermelon seeds with my black nail pen. It’s not perfect, but neither are real watermelons, so it’s okay. 🙂

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