Fun Nail Friday!

There’s only so many ways you can do your nails at home, so when I see a cheap DIY trend worth trying, I semi freak out.

Welcome to Office Supply Mani 2.0 featuring none other than our sticky friend SCOTCH TAPE!

It sucks trying to draw/paint straight lines on your little nails, so why not let our friends at 3M do the heavy lining for us? Choose a base color (I went for Revlon/Mad About Mango) and accent color (I used OPI’s Glitzerland).

Paint your base coat on, let dry. Then, arrange your scotch tape into whatever design you want! This was hardest for me. I find it hard to KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Not-so-pro tip: Don’t layer on the coats of polish. I found that my polish bubbled up a bit after drying. When it finally did dry. Took FOREVER, even with my China Glaze fast dry top coat. Even though I like the mango/gold color combination, Glitzerland might have been too grainy or thick of a polish to choose. I should probably also mention that I have debilitating nail OCD but that probably has nothing to do with it.

Here’s what I came up with:


Super cheap, super easy, super scotchy.

Have a great weekend!


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