Fun Nail Friday!

And the boy band war rages on.

Somehow, 15 years later, my friends and I have taken to Facebook to argue which boy band was better: *N Sync or the Backstreet Boys. Things are getting heated and friendships are in jeopardy. Exhibit A:

  • CH: M, fun fact for you. Your boy, Chris Kirkpatrick is 40. vomit.
  • M: He will be 41 on October 17. And I’d still stick it. Hahah!
  • LDL: ‎41?!?!? Gag! Hah yeah, you would. I totally remember TRL days, when Backstreet Boys was always #1 😉
  • M: #1?! Puh-leeeez!!! They can’t even dance!

    T: TRL wasn’t a dance off!
  • M: obvi! but the fact that they COULD dance was an added bonus. What did your backstreet boys even do?! wear white flowy outfits and sing in airports? 🙂
    I apologize to you, readers, for posting that, but I just wanted to share how absolutely ridiculous this all is. Glad it didn’t carry on to our nails…
    Oh snap, it did! Sorry M, but BSB fo’ life. Why? Nick Carter’s hair in the 90s, that’s why. That thing was a beautiful, shining golden forest that unicorns and pop music come from. LOVE! 🙂
    LDL agrees:

    Ode to Nick Carter’s glorious golden 90s middle part hair do.

    Anyone else have anything to add? Any more boy bands to throw into the argument? Oh yeah. Everyone’s favorite boxing boy band, 98 degrees, is reuniting! I hope they leave the ugly one out of this. On to the nails…this FNF submission is from a guy who’s sick of our yammering about which boy band was better. He has a clear favorite:

    So I know there was a lot of talk this week about boy bands and who’s better than who and I thought I’d just remind you all that (aside from NKOTB) 98º actually started the boy band craze of the late 90’s. In honor of them I dub my FNF submission, The Invisible Man’s Invisible Nail Polish. 

    Hahahaha! Genius.

    One more side to the argument:

    “The week was intended for TRL but we got a little crazy with the “my boy band is better than yours”. So let’s stop the warring and agree that we loved Mandy Moore back in the late 90s and even more after Tangled :)”

    ♥ CH the peacemaker

    Oh fine. Give it up for 90s sensation Mandy Moore. I suddenly have the urge to curl up on the couch, watch “A Walk to Remember,” eat frozen tater tots, and cry. Estrogen Day, holler. Everybody needs a little of that every now and then!

    Now that I’ve rehashed my life in 7th grade, I’m ready to move on. Girls, are you with me?


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