Dave Barry on Beauty

According to comedian Dave Barry–

Men don’t even notice 97% of the beauty efforts women make. Take fingernails. The average woman spends 5,000 hours per year worrying about her fingernails; I have never once, in more than forty years of listening to men talk about women, heard a man say, “She has a nice set of fingernails!” Many men would not notice if a woman had four hands.

So there you have it, from a real man’s man. Thank you for your wise words, Mr. Barry, but we do not make ourselves pretty for you men. We do it for ourselves, obviously, and in case we run into our celebrity crush at the mall.

Hey girl. Is that 10 perfectly polished nails I see? Let’s get married.

It could happen, you know.


4 thoughts on “Dave Barry on Beauty

  1. That’s totally true – men don’t notice anything. I run to the lady who waxes my eyebrows/lip because I think I look like a Yeti, and after I’m hairless I come home and ask my husband, “Don’t I look better?” He gives me a blank stare and asks, “What? Is that a new shirt or something?”

  2. Yeah, they don’t notice specifics, like hair or nails, but they def notice the whole package once it’s put together. Generally, they just can’t articulate what it is they noticed or liked.

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