Nails & Vino? A Thousand Times YES!

A fabulous winery called Santa Margherita launched a line of nail polishes inspired by the colors of their Pinot Grigio, Sparkling Rose, Prosecco, and Chianti wines. This is just AWESOME. I mean who cares if the colors aren’t really innovative or never before seen shades. This is just a really fun idea, IMO.

Santa Margherita has teamed up with Beauty Bars across the country–HOLD THE PHONE. How have I JUST learned about Beauty Bar?! Beauty Bar is a chain of salons that supplement your normal mani/pedi and salon time with music and alcohol. Umm…excuse me while I make my way down there and make it my second home…

Anyway. These vinotastic polishes are made available at Beauty Bars across the country. OR you could try your luck on Facebook, where Santa Margherita is giving away 200 sets! Enter by “liking” Santa Margherita’s page here.

See below for Santa Margherita and Beauty Bar’s schedule (sorry, LA girls, I think we missed out!)


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