Fun Nail Friday!

Since I finally figured out how to Pinterest, I’ve been all about DIYing.

Here’s one of the easiest DIY manicures you can do! I call it the “Office Supply Mani.”

Step 1:

Go to Target. Purchase a pack of 544 reinforcements. Lay these bad boys out. Snap a photo for your blog. Proceed…

Step 2:

Press reinforcements onto nail.

Step 3:

Paint the tips of your nail. It’s more fun if you go neon.

Step 4:

Wait until your polish dries and remove the reinforcements. Or, don’t wait, like I did, and touch up your french manicure line with acetone. Finish with glitter and 52 coats of top coat and you’re good to go!

And now, a recap in collage form.

Buy, Press, Paint, Glitter!

Story of my life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fun Nail Friday!

  1. That is a neat idea! And don’t get me started on Pinterest, man… I’ve been obsessed with it ever since my stepmother got me hooked. It’s addictive! I’m always finding nail art inspiration on their (now if only I actually motivated myself to try any of them….)

    • Same here. I shunned Pinterest for SO long because I a) didn’t get it and b) knew that when I DID get it, I would be glued to the thing. I’ve tried to do a few recipes/DIY nail things so far. I love all the ideas!

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