Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday!

Kicking off this week’s festivities is the eye-rolling MKL, who says “Too Bad I Don’t Drive a Red Audi Hatchback…”

Ooh! Someone’s feeling about 50 shades of lilac right now!

If you see CH’s nails this week it’s pretty obvious she’s got a summer bucket list brewing. What’s at the top of her list? Get tan. Gurl, is you SURE you ain’t from LA?!

So my mom’s noticing now nail crazed I’ve been lately, and she decided to send me a picture of what she thinks is a “cool” manicure.

MOTHER. You are barely 5ft tall and probably have never seen a gun before this picture. Get a hold of yourself.  Just because I’m a big city girl now doesn’t mean I’ve gone off and turned into Rihanna. Calm down! PS- Happy Mother’s Day?

Much to my dismay, one of our frequent FNF contributors, LDL, has decided to NOT do her nails this week. “Fine,” I told her, “But you better be doing something f****** fantastic in the meantime!” And yeah, she was.

She does nails and she does cakes! Who knew?!

Briefcase and ostrich oxfords grooms cakes by LDL

And as for me, I’ll be spending my Saturday in the least-shitty part of Anaheim.

It’s going to be a really fun day! Unless Minnie decides to shamelessly flirt with my boyfriend again.


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