Nature’s Rescue

It was time for a change. A BIG change. You know what this means, time to throw caution to the wind and welcome a new shampoo into your home. It’s rarely fun and never easy, but I heard lots of good things about Redken’s new “Nature’s Rescue” line of detoxing shampoos and conditioners.

First impressions: Nice packaging. Definitely conveys the soothing nature of the products. Nice scent, too. Smells like expensive sea scrub.

I bought the Refreshing Detox Shampoo, Refining Sea Polish, and Cooling Deep Conditioner to try. I didn’t buy the Radiant Sea Spray because my hair is already nothing BUT texture. Grrr. Anyway, they were a perfect choice because they’re all sulfate and paraben-free, something you need to keep in mind when you are always getting Brazilian blowouts. (Tip: At ULTA, Redken products are buy 2 get 1 free for a limited time, and for the Nature’s Rescue products, are available in stores only!)

Now for each of the products:

Shampoo- It doesn’t lather, which kind of bothered me, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, is no big deal. Just be careful not to use more than you mean to. The shampoo is working, it just isn’t getting all foamy like you’re probably used to.

Refining Sea Polish – Hmm, a pumice scrub for your hair?? Gosh, 2012 is amazing, isn’t it? The instructions for this product were to rub into hair in small sections from root to tip. It is meant to remove impurities and refine the hair’s surface, leaving hair smooth and shiny. After washing out, my hair felt squeaky clean!

Cooling Deep Conditioner – I can see myself getting down with this on a hot summer day. Why? Because it literally cools your scalp. For someone who suffers from self-diagnosed quarter-life crisis pre-menopausal hot flashes, this is nothin’ but good news.

The post review: After washing my hair with all three, my hair felt clean. Well, I hope so, right? The part that sealed the deal for me was that after my hair air dried and I flat ironed that beast, my hair didn’t feel greasy like it does after using the recommended Brazilian blowout shampoo and products. And my hair smelled amazing for the whole day (and still does now!)

Dear Redken, I like! 🙂


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