Fun Nail Friday!

WOW! It’s been half a years worth of Fun Nail Fridays, as my WordPress account helpfully reminded me. What better time to tackle the trend that’s been sweeping nail beds across the country?

I call it Half Moon Friday! Which makes sense, because there’s gonna be a half moon in our sky sometime soon. Tomorrow, I think. Anyway, enjoy! What colors would YOU use? And have you tried this nail trend before?

Colors: Nail - OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" and half moon - OPI "Glitzerland"

I also used my new China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry drops, and am happy to report that they work beautifully. I can’t give you an exact count on how many minutes it took for my nails to be bone dry, but it was QUICK. It’s way faster than letting them air dry, which is perfect because the second I finished painting my nails, I had to pee, which ALWAYS happens. This time, no smudges! Hooray for technology!

Oh, um, and we have a last minute addition. I think someone’s still drunk from Vegas… 🙂

Nails by MKL "Pink Friday"


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