Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday, kids! I’m here with all of my eggs in one basket and ready to bring you the very best selection of Easter-themed nails!

Nails by MKL

Bright tangerine polish, hot pink towel, I’ll even allow the neon orange wayfarers. MKL is willing this Easter Sunday to be an especially sunny day. And I’m for it too!

Nails by LDL

Jordan almonds, Springtime M&Ms, Peeps…suddenly I’m craving pastel candies thanks to LDL’s Super Spring mani. Just kidding about the Peeps. Peeps can go to hell.

Nails by CY

Look at this delicious abstract Peacock mani by CY. I want this mani in my life, right now. I’m going to be honest right now, I wish my skin was this color. I’d fit right in in The Capitol!

Nails by moi

I love eggs. Eggs eggs eggs. Scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, eggs on my digits, I love em all. But mostly, I love them unfertilized. WHAT!!!! You can’t have over easy eggs otherwise, perverts!

Nails by AN

I tawt I taw another Easter mani! We’ve got the complete meal here on A Total Waste of Makeup, why go anywhere else on the Internet today? A nice bird, a ton of eggs…tank you for spending your widdle Holiday wid us!

No holiday gathering is complete without its RDC (resident dark cloud), and this week it’s served up on a bloody platter by C.H. with her awesome “Game of Thrones” mani. Did anyone watch it this past Sunday? When you do a “Game of Thrones” mani, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. Congratulations CH, because you WIN.

Nails by CH

Have an eggscelent Easter weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side!


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