Fun Nail Friday!

Well, The Hunger Games last week was insane in the membrane, & I’m honestly still exhausted from all that jazz with the reaping, and hunting, and dystopian stuff. And when it came to doing this week’s manicure, I was totally lazy.

However, it was a perfect time to try out the Sephora (by OPI) Chic Prints design appliques I bought during the holiday season!

I like animal print–on occasion, and always in moderation. Leopard or Zebra print doesn’t really appeal to me, but Giraffe? Sign me up! That’s the classiest lookin’ animal on the savannah, I always say.

Isn’t nice how super shiny they are? That’s because these precut strips also have a little bit of Minx in them–you know, that super fancy manicure technique that celebrities just love. The packaging says the nail strips will keep for 1-2 days, but we’ve been going on for almost an entire week. Yay us!

Unfortunately, this style is no longer on sale at Sephora, but Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips are also an awesome choice.

Happy Friday, and holy shit, it’s April already?!


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