Fun Nail Friday

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG, the day is finally here! The Hunger Games is finally in theaters! And of course, yours truly has gathered some of the finest Hunger Games inspired manicures from around Panem for your enjoyment.

Feast your eyes on these lovely selections (no tessarae downpayment required):

Holy girl on fire! L. brings the HEAT in this mani. Katniss doesn’t stand a chance!

Nails by Lindsey D.L.

Triangles, gunmetal, weapons, I can’t think of a mani that is any more Panem. It looks like this girl has found love in a hopeless place. How DO you do it, LDL?

Nails by Nicole of

Nicole took a page out of Cinna’s stylebook with her take on this Hunger Games mani, which, let me just say, is on FIYAH. Wish I could wear a dress made of this into the arena!

Nails by Lindsey C.H.

Holy Trackerjacker sting, I think I’m obsessed with this. Game on tributes, this mani is nothin’ to mess with.

Nails by ATWOM

Lastly, I went all the way out to District 4 to bring you this ocean-inspired manicure. It’s got seashells and golden kelp galore. Rumor has it that Finnick Odair himself has commissioned me to paint him a more masculine version for his debut in the  arena.

Enjoy the 74th Annual Hunger Games, and if the odds are in your favor, see you at the Quarter Quell! And remember to follow @District12Diva and @PeetasLostLeg on Twitter for the very best scoop from the Seam!


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