It’s Not Easy Being Green…

But it’s not hard to adjust while wearing the Ahava Time to Clear Purifying mud mask.

I don’t normally DO masks, because I prefer to just cleanse and moisturize nightly. However, once in a while it’s fun to do. Also, I was bored.

Hot pink lipstick is mandatory for at-home facials

I liked the feeling of this masque. You’re supposed to leave it on for 2 minutes and then rinse, but I left it on for about 5 (see above impromptu photoshoot). The mask never gets uncomfortably hard or tingly, and washes off nicely. During, I felt like a clay pot. I smelled like 12th grade ceramics class, but it’s all good, because my skin felt soooo soft afterwards. Could it be because of the horsetail extract and jojoba oil? Ummm…probably?

Could it be because of my photoshoot? DEFINITELY YES! See, children? Good skincare is fun!


***Update: I’m sorry to say that I’ve broken out after using this product. If anyone needs to read a book in Braille, you can do so on my forehead. 😦


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