Drunken Beauty Tips, Part II

Now onto the most time-honored beer + beauty combo: the hair rinse!

image via Ayushveda.com

I know what you’re thinking. Why waste good beer on my hair? Beer’s only purpose in life is to live in my tummy and make me hilarious!

Well, beer is an excellent conditioner for dull hair. It contains several vitamins and proteins (and malts and hops) that help give your hair shine, softness, and volume! All that yeast in the beer you use will make your hair cuticles swell almost instantly. Pro tip: The darker the beer, the bigger the volume!

How to do it:

Quite simple!

-Open a can of beer, and let sit for an hour to let it go flat.
-Shampoo your hair as usual.
-Pour beer on your hair, making sure it has saturated from root to tip. Massage beer into scalp, and let it sit for two minutes.
-You can condition your hair afterwards, but it’s not necessary. You’ll notice that your hair is bouncier, shinier, and clear of residue.

Even though I’ll smell like a hot mess alcoholic for a bit, I am very excited for the results this beer treatment will bring! Just ask hair Queen Catherine Zeta-Jones, who swears by it!


3 thoughts on “Drunken Beauty Tips, Part II

  1. And what better day to try it on than March 17th when most people will smell like beer anyway but will not have shiny, bouncy hair!

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