Fun Nail Friday

This FNF I threw themes to the wind and just let myself have a plain old pretty mani. I haven’t really gotten a chance to use my polishes from OPI’s Holland collection, and I was definitely most excited about cracking open “I Have A Herring Problem,” so I present to you my FNF look here:

This is “I’ve Got a Herring Problem,” with some “Glitzerland” gold swirlies (my favorite gold polish ever!), and baby blue rhinestones. *Sigh* I love the antique look it has. Makes me want to watch Downton Abbey while snacking on crumpets.

Cheerio, darlings. Have a splendid Friday!

What’s that you say? MORE FNFS?! That’s right, my friends weren’t about to let me get all the attention this Friday! 🙂

Thanks LDL, now I’m hungry for some salt water taffy. You know what? This mani is kind of an optical illusion! Technically, her nails are dark and light purple stripes, with some white trim. BUT, doesn’t it also look like ultra shiny Minx?! I love a two-way mani!

And let’s close the week out with a ridiculously pretty purple. I melt, CH. I melt. I f*cking love purple!


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