Product Review: L’Oreal One Sweep

Let’s just come out with it. I’m lazy as hell. So when I saw L’Oreal’s One Sweep Eyeshadow, I thought it might be a great way to do a smoky eye without dirtying up brushes and getting my whole kit and caboodle out.

"Playful for Brown eyes"

HowEVUH, I was extremely disappointed with the product, to put it nicely. Believe it or not, I CAN do makeup, but this product does a real good job at showing you otherwise.

First point of contention: the stupid brush. It is shaped like a flat little ice cream scoop. Since it is so flat, it clearly will not be able to accommodate the shape of the human eyelid.

Second point of contention: Price. At $9-10 in stores, it’s priced a bit high, no? Especially since it doesn’t quite work right.

Here is my eyelid after following the instructions, which are simply to sweep the brush down the eyeshadow trio, making sure all 3 colors get onto the brush.

And no, I did not just get into a fight. That’s dark eyeshadow deposited in my inner eye corner & below the eye. Also, L’Oreal thinks that my eyelid is half the size that it actually is. Notice how all three colors barely make it to my crease? The highlight should be higher, on my brow bone. The crease color can barely be seen, and the dark, smoky shade is just a hot tranny mess.

Since the colors were so unsatisfactory for the first sweep, here’s another layer.

Kids, it does NOT get better.

At this point, I’m thinking, “This has to be my fault. No way an international cosmetics company would try to sell us something SO shitty…right?” So I tried the other eye, following the instructions exactly.

You have GOT to be kidding me, L’Oreal. You’re fired.

In conclusion, this product is obviously a total waste of makeup.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: L’Oreal One Sweep

  1. Thank you for reviewing these! I’ve seen the commercials and have contemplated buying them like 5 times but now I know not to waste my money! And you provided pics…so much better than just a review!

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