Nail Art is IN!

And in other news: The Pacific ocean is wet.

But seriously, the nail art craze has reached new lengths heights! As I mentioned before, nail polish sales were up 59% last year, and thanks to new innovations, women are more likely than ever to not only do their own nails at home, but also get more creative with their designs.

Nail art by Stephanie Lee

Nail art by Sophy Robson <Sophy Robson Nails & NailPorn Designs>

Yep. I do believe this is my porn, because I’m about to slide off my seat. <omg/sorry/gross>

So why IS nail art so damn cool? NPR’s Ari Shapiro reports… just kidding. Just look at those nails! They’re mini wearable works of art. They’re fancy, charming, and unique to each individual. And you can change it up as often as you like, much unlike tattooed eyeliner. There’s a ridiculous variety of super accessible DIY supplies that any woman can just reach out and get her paws on, including but not limited to: glitter pens, rhinestones, decals, & magnetic polish.

Here’s some of my favorite SFW (nail) porn sites to get your engines going on this Toasty Tuesday:

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out Hello Giggles‘ “Nails of the Day” for readers by readers, including a cameo from yours truly! 🙂

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