Fun Nail Friday!

This week was all about love and movies. Movies and love. It’s no surprise that half of us ended up doing Movies on Nails, and half did Love on Nails!

I’m so looking forward to seeing this movie. I mean, it has Captain Kirk, Bane, and the resident Queen of the RomCom Reese. What is not to love? Same can be said about C.H.’s mani. Dark shiny red with a metallic pop.

Here’s my Valentines nail ‘do which I guess can be best described as “Princess Peach meets Love and War.” The Princess Peach colors weren’t intentional, honestly, but it werks! These are nail stickers from my friends over at World Design who have cute and very affordable nail art decals. And yes, I did not have a collage this week. That’s because I was too busy taking this picture with my camera phone held in my mouth! Kidding. I was just lazy.

MKL is this week’s RDC (resident dark cloud), basing her mani off of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” A weird movie indeed, especially since it’s listed as one of the top 10 anti-Valentines movies! Tsk tsk MKL, where is your holiday spirit? 🙂 Love the hot pink though!

LDL is bringing ALL the love back with her cute Valentines ‘do. Seriously, if after seeing this you don’t feel like kissing (or at least hugging) the next person you see, I worry for you. *Note: this worry does not apply if you live in New York City.

Happy Friday, lovebugs. It’s a holiday weekend!!!


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