Red Hot Adele

Women love her. Men are afraid of her.

I think she’s just a sweet and sassy girl who has the best voice in the world and also loves to rock a bombastic manicure from time to time! See what she did below:

She’s got those pointy nails all the celebs are having these days (seriously, how do you not poke your eye out?) with a silver metallic polish, and wait…is that nail polish on the INSIDE of her nails? Let’s take a closer look.

Media outlets are calling it the “Louboutin manicure.” Sounds like a nice alternative to paying upwards of a thousand bucks on a pair of high-heeled foot torture contraptions. Oh they are SO beautiful, though. <hey CL, send me a pair, would ya??> 

I would definitely try this look, IF I could grow my damn nails out. Somehow they always end up flaking and breaking before they get to a decent length. Also, I have beauty-related commitment issues so I’m not into the level of attention needed to maintain a decent looking acrylic set.


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