What To Do When Your Hair Smells of Fart and Perfume?

This juicy little poetic detail from a product review was too funny to not explore further!

This is Bumble and Bumble’s new hair straightening treatment that claims to straighten and smooth hair and add shine for up to 30 shampoos. This product was JUST about to be added to my “Products We’re Excited For” list, until I started reading some reviews. I started on Sephora, because I had just gotten an email blast about this product.

“I noticed minor results, but my hair smells like f_rt and perfume (which I guess is how perm smells). not mad enough to get a refund, not good enough to buy again.” -sweetlola

And that, friends, is enough for me to not want to buy this product! I mean, I’m surrounded by the smell of fart all the time, thanks to my close proximity to a certain deteriorating coworker (70 years old and still farts like a junebug). Other reviews mention the same types of issues:

  • Bad smell
  • Product only works for a few days
  • Excessive blowdrying and flat ironing still needed
  • Perm-like bumps in hair
  • Pricey

Their print ad didn’t do much to convince me either.

Umm…is this the before or after?

Is the Colonial-Sister Wives look in again?

These photos are just creep me the f*ck out. Sorry, I can’t. I CAN’T!!!

There’s also a Bumble and Bumble Concen Straight (I also CAN’T with this stupid play on words!) treatment available at select salons. For “just” $275, you can get your hair done by a pro and then take home the products. Umm…no thanks. I’m doing just fine hunting Groupon for $99 Brazilian Blowouts…kthxbye!

Bumble and Bumble Concen Straight Hair Smoothing Treatment | $45 | http://www.sephora.com & in stores


2 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Hair Smells of Fart and Perfume?

  1. It’s bad enough having a boyfriend that farts all the time. Thanks for the warning! Talk about a product where your heart says yes at first, but your head keeps telling you no…because it will smell of fart!

    Hilarious post by the way. Hilarious.

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