Fun Nail Friday

With this damn Football competition coming up that everyone’s talking about, the girls and I decided to go the opposite direction and give ourselves non-football related nails. I mean come on, that would be so expected, painting on the team colors of our preferred Football squads and waving them around for everyone to see and judge us.

Oh who am I kidding–I just didn’t feel like gettin’ all red, white, and blue up in here. I guess you can say I’m just not a Giant Patriot (weak cymbal crash).

Okay okay, onto the nails. More #MoviesOnNails for ya!

"The Girl with the Arabic Tattoo"

Here’s a very loose, very feminine interpretation of the brooding 2009/2011 hit. Because dragon tattoos are scary and so is Rooney Mara. Newsflash sister, the movie is over. You can go back to looking like you don’t shoot Red Bull intravenously. I guess she’s gonna stay in character until the 3rd movie wraps. Now that’s dedication. Also, insanity.

Calm down, PATRICIA.

(We know who Rooney’s voting for this Sunday!)

Here is L.D.L’s manicural retelling of the Jennifer Garner classic “13 Going On 30.” What has J-Gar been up to lately other than making armies of children for Ben Affleck? I don’t know. And no, “Valentines Day” does not count. That movie was cornier than Nebraska and Iowa put together.

Fun & Flirty 13 Going On 30

M.K.L finally got with the program and watched 2010’s “Tangled.”

Here comes the smolder...

She first planned on painting a thousand lanterns but decided instead to fantasize about Flynn Rider. A very worthwhile time investment, I’d say.

What?? It's not like I drew this!

(image by AmorProhibito on deviantART)

I should have said at the beginning of this post that we all decided to go girly except for our resident dark cloud C.H., with her “The Dark Knight Rises” inspired mani.

"When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die"

With regards to Bane, our safe word is “Al Ghul.” Is that weird? Don’t be fooled by the kinky face mask, he’s a real sweetheart!

Looking forward to the weekend!!! Got your own #MoviesOnNails that you’d like to show off? Share them here!


One thought on “Fun Nail Friday

  1. I really love all the commentary. So funny. I’m picking my favorite out of the bunch, which is The Girl with the Arabic Tattoo. It shimmers, it dazzles, it looks depressed, just like Rooney!

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